Wedding packages in the Dominican Republic: Costs and more.

Beach lovers often dream of celebrating their wedding in front of the sea, with their feet on the soft sand, and with their loved ones, against a paradisiacal backdrop. The Dominican Republic offers you all kinds of wedding packages and much more!

With world-renowned beaches and elegant facilities, this Caribbean island is an excellent location for couples looking for that alluring combination of lush Caribbean scenery and an exceptional wedding, whether it’s a getaway, family, or honeymoon.

However, when it comes to planning a wedding, the first thing you’ll want to do is set your budget. Although we ask ourselves, how much do we want to invest in this very special event? The most accurate question is how much can you spend on average for a ceremony in the Dominican Republic? What are the options?

So, if you have come this far, you are surely wondering how much a wedding in the Dominican Republic costs , what requirements you need, what all-inclusive wedding packages are, and other important considerations so that you can plan this special moment without any doubt.

Next, we tell you everything you need to know about getting married in the Dominican Republic. Keep reading!

How are weddings in the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is a dream tourist destination. In addition to being the second largest country in the Caribbean, it is also the region with the greatest variety of natural landscapes for all tastes, from mangroves, wild waterfalls, to crystalline beaches, and tropical jungles for memorable excursions.

The best of paradise in one place! That is why many people consider exchanging their vows in this magnificent country. Not only is it full of adventure and natural wonders, but it’s also a great place to experience a once-in-a-lifetime romantic moment with your better half.

Plus, on the more practical side, the Dominican Republic is a country with an abundance of all-inclusive wedding resorts , with wedding packages available both on the coast and inland, each tailored to the interests and budget of each couple.

The hotels stand out in offering the best service, packages, including professional planners, chefs, marriage certificates, hiring photographers and photo sessions in spectacular locations, personalized wedding cakes, catering, floral arrangements, and much more.

You can even purchase wedding packages with honeymoon included with spa services, and other attractions inside or outside the resort. On the other hand, if you want to celebrate an LGBTQ wedding, don’t worry! Most of the best resorts in the Dominican Republic provide exclusive wedding packages, and everything you need.

What do destination wedding packages include?

As we mentioned before, destination wedding packages in the Dominican Republic generally include everything from organizing the event by expert coordinators in the field, to elements such as flowers, a personalized cake, an engagement dinner, and even spa treatments for the couple and their guests.

Some resorts have qualified wedding teams to accommodate all of the couple’s wedding ceremony wishes. In addition, destination wedding packages can be customized, or even add complementary services to the package you have selected, either to improve the experience of the guests, or to fulfill the vision you have in mind.

In general, the packages vary in services depending on the number of guests and desired elements. Therefore, the more number of guests, the more expensive the package will be.

Now, you can make your reservation online or by phone. Some hotels have non-refundable deposit policies, so you should check this information before setting the wedding date.

Subsequently, you can start planning with trained personnel. Without a doubt, your wedding package will guarantee you a beautiful location for the ceremony, whether you want an arch facing the beach, in the middle of a garden or a beautiful room inside the hotel.

Do you want to know what the best part is? Well, each package comes with tables, chairs, and the necessary decorations according to your choice. In this way, you will live the marriage of your dreams in an environment worthy of a postcard, creating a lasting memory for a lifetime.

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What do you need to get married?

Legal requirements is one of the most frequent questions among couples. Before flying to the Dominican Republic, it is essential to know what you need. Fortunately, you have the professional advice of the event organizer.

This specialist has all the necessary information, and will guarantee that you have all the correct legal documentation before saying the big “Yes, I accept”, so that it is legally recognized in your country of origin.

In fact, many people opt for destination weddings for a symbolic ceremony , because later, they will be able to legalize this event in their respective country after the trip.

However, if you are a US citizen and wish to have a legal wedding, please note the following documents, which are required by the US Embassy in the Dominican Republic.

  • Be of legal age, 16 years for men and 15 years for women . You must be legally eligible to marry of your own free will.
  • Both must present a birth certificate, passport and tourist card.
  • They must pay an additional civil marriage fee for non-Dominican residents.
  • They will also need an affidavit before a notary public, which must then be legalized at the Offices of the Attorney General of the Republic or a Dominican Consulate in the US If you are divorced, a copy of the divorce certificate will also be needed.
  • And finally, the witnesses, who should not be relatives to be with the couple during the ceremony. If it is a getaway, the wedding planner will be able to help you with it as part of the wedding package.

What is the best season to get married in the Dominican Republic?

Undoubtedly, it is not the same to celebrate a wedding in your country of origin than abroad. That is why there are some general considerations to take into account before choosing the perfect date to celebrate this moment in this Caribbean country.

While the Dominican Republic has warm weather year-round, the island also experiences a hurricane season between the months of June and November. Of course, this is not a concern, but it could affect your dream day at the beach.

That is why we recommend you not plan your wedding during these months. Instead, it is more beneficial to have the wedding of your dreams between the months of December to March.

However, it is always good to consult the best date with your organizer or specialist assigned by the resort, who will indicate the best dates considering all factors (influx of tourists, weather, space availability, etc.).

What is the average cost of a wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic?

You may have heard that destination weddings tend to cost less than traditional weddings. And this is mostly true, especially when compared to the cost of a wedding in your hometown or country of origin (New York, Canada, etc.).

However, it’s not always like that. There are some factors that can affect the total cost of the celebration, coming to invest as much as in a traditional wedding or much more. But, it almost always depends on the number of guests, and desired complements.

The cost of a wedding in the Dominican Republic at a 5-star hotel averages between $1,000 to $10,000 or more. Let’s see:

  • $1,000 USD wedding with at least 10 guests.
  • $3,000 USD wedding with 20 guests.
  • $4,000-$5,000 USD wedding with 30 guests.
  • $8,000-$9,000 USD wedding with 40 guests.
  • Up to $20,000 or more for a wedding with more than 100 guests.

Now, some of the most popular areas with high-level resorts to celebrate a wedding in the Dominican Republic are: Punta Cana, La Romana, Samaná, Puerto Plata, Santo Domingo, among others.

Best of all, you can choose how much you can invest in your wedding, so you will receive a list of everything that each package includes, coming to put together your budget together with the organizer. They’ll have you covered for your special day!

Finally, you should keep in mind that most wedding packages only include the venue and decorative accessories, food, music, and more. Therefore, the groom’s suits and rings are not included.

Final words

The Dominican Republic is a wonderful country to celebrate an equally incredible wedding. In fact, if you are on a tight budget, you can enjoy a simple ceremony with alcohol and a basic menu for dinner.

The surrounding scenery and activities will more than make up for the excitement and experience!

You won’t need a lot of money to make your wedding look the way you imagine! In addition, the food, drinks and happy culture of this country are on another level. This provides great value for your destination wedding, offering a wide range of prices and a memorable experience.

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