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Dominican Sancocho: Everything you need to know + Recipe

A good Dominican sancocho accompanies significant dates, is nutritious and delicious, and combines native Caribbean ingredients. Ideal for those rainy days or after an exhausting day, accompanied with rice it is a complete lunch.It is not a soup or broth like any other. The
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Dominican Cake (Bizcocho): Best pastry shops + Recipe

Also known as Dominican cake, it is a dessert that you do not stop eating after having tried it. On your vacation through the wonderful Dominican lands you will find pastry shops where the delicious traditional cake is exhibited . Do not forget to
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Morir Soñando: Dominican Recipe

The mere mention of the Dominican Republic evokes paradisiacal images: white sand beaches and turquoise waters. If we go a little further with this exercise, we can see ourselves sitting under an umbrella, enjoying the sound of the waves with a cocktail in hand.
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Mamajuana: The Dominican drink that everyone should try

When preparing a trip to the Dominican Republic, we all hope to find paradisiacal beaches with crystal clear water and soft sand. But as soon as the plane lands at the airport we discover that the Caribbean country has much more to offer. Friendly
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Dominican Coffee: The most complete guide + tips to prepare it

In this article you will find everything you need to know about the benefits of coffee in the Dominican Republic. You will be able to visit the most outstanding coffee regions and historical data on a tradition of more than 300 years of cultivation
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Habichuelas con Dulce (Dominican Sweet Beans): All you need to know + Recipe

The Dominican Republic is not only a tourist destination with paradisiacal beaches, it is also a culinary rendezvous for fans of good food . The island’s gastronomy is recognized worldwide for its rich variety of typical dishes and haute cuisine. Today we want to
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Dominican Casabe: Everything you need to know + Recipe

Casabe is part of a whole variety of Creole recipes that represent the gastronomy of the beautiful Dominican Republic. The crunchy texture of this bread is a benchmark for its flavor and versatility because it is accompanied with different preparations. Learn more about this
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Dominican Flag: Typical Lunch + Recipe

Although it is true that there is a whole list of typical dishes in the Dominican Republic, the Bandera is the favorite. Throughout the country they prefer to serve this dish at lunchtime that concentrates an entire culinary tradition. If you have tried the
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