Punta Cana

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Enjoying the sea on one of the most beautiful white sand coasts in the world is possible when you visit Punta Cana. Relax and rest during your vacation with the sound of the waves while breathing the pure air that the Atlantic and the Caribbean offer you.

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Its 11 Blue Flag certified beaches are a reference worldwide. Enjoy the fresh water of the lagoons and cenotes. Choose from a variety of activities: go yachting, visit Scape Park, or make your night at Coco Bongo.

The Dominican Republic enjoys enchanting landscapes and destinations, Punta Cana has everything an adventurous spirit is looking for. However, it is also the place par excellence for golf lovers where 10 fabulous courses are available.

Tour Punta Cana and enjoy the Dominican cuisine that everyone loves; the incredible mofongo, sancocho and everyone’s favorite: plantain tostones. What are you waiting for to spend your next vacation in the Dominican Republic? Come to Punta Cana and discover paradise in this Caribbean land.

Places to Stay

Best Resorts for Weddings in Punta Cana: 7 Essentials

Punta Cana is not only an attractive tourist destination to enjoy a well-deserved vacation, but also one of the most famous places to celebrate a wedding at the best rhythm in the Caribbean facing the sea, and on beaches surrounded by coconut trees, with
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waterparks in punta cana

Top 6 All-Inclusive Family Resorts in Punta Cana that Are Fun For Kids

Are you looking for a dreamy destination in the Caribbean for spending holidays with kids? Punta Cana must be your first choice! This beauty is lined with numerous striking beaches featuring bundles of waterfront resorts, restaurants, cafes, and more.  Though the sand beaches hold
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Food & Drink

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Mamajuana: The Dominican drink that everyone should try

When preparing a trip to the Dominican Republic, we all hope to find paradisiacal beaches with crystal clear water and soft sand. But as soon as the plane lands at the airport we discover that the Caribbean country has much more to offer. Friendly
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Coco Bongo Punta Cana

Coco Bongo Punta Cana: What You Should Know Before You Go

Coco Bongo is a famous nightclub, evening show, or disco club in Punta Cana where you can experience Punta Cana’s nightlife in true meaning. We can say with certainty that Coco Bongo accounts for the top place in most of the Punta Cana bucket
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Punta Cana Explosive confetti at an entertainment party concert

7 Best Things to Do After Dinner in Punta Cana

Punta Cana is a worldwide famous resort town in the Dominican Republic, located in the heart of the Caribbean. It is like heaven on earth with eye-catching landscapes, picturesque crystal clear turquoise water, and beautiful white sandy beaches. It is worth being ranked as
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Dinner In The Sky Dominican Republic

I had the opportunity to visit the Dinner in the Sky Dominican Republic location a few weeks ago. It was a fantastic experience! The ability to dine above the ground while enjoying breathtaking views is unique. I would highly recommend this experience to anyone
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Set Sail and Unwind With Punta Cana Yacht Rental - An Ultimate Guide

Set Sail and Unwind With Punta Cana Yacht Rental – An Ultimate Guide

Punta Cana is a paradise for beach and ocean lovers – The white-sand beaches, serene water, and diverse marine life make it the perfect destination for a yacht rental and sailing experience.  Relax on your own private boat, set sail across crystal-clear blue waters,
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The Ultimate Guide to Car Rentals in Punta Cana – Everything You Need To Know

Picture this – you’ve just arrived in Punta Cana, and you’re itching to explore the beautiful Dominican Republic. But travel expenses hold you back from wandering around. Don’t worry! You don’t have to pass up the opportunity of sightseeing and enjoying wonderful vacation experiences.
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Enjoying Horseback Riding Punta Cana Tour: An Unforgettable Experience

Enjoying Horseback Riding Punta Cana Tour: An Unforgettable Experience

Featuring a couple of top beaches in the world, lavish all-inclusive resorts, picturesque landscapes, scenic white sand beaches, and crystal clear water, Punta Cana is something one can’t resist exploring! It lies in the most visited Caribbean country, i.e., Dominican Republic, and holds the
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What to Expect from Helicopter Tour in Punta Cana

What to Expect from Helicopter Tour in Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic boasts several towns and cities, with Punta Cana being the most visited one. It’s where you can have fun relaxing at the 32 km long stretch of white sand beaches and enjoying multiple water-based activities in crystal-clear water. Wondering what else
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Things To Do

Source: @scapepark

Scape Park Punta Cana: Everything you need to know to enjoy it to the fullest

The Dominican Republic has become the tourist destination par excellence in the Caribbean. The country has an invaluable natural wealth that makes it ideal for fans of ecotourism and adventure tourism. In addition to its magical beaches, imposing mountains , and vast deserts, the
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A Guide to Deep Sea Fishing Punta Cana

A Guide to Deep Sea Fishing Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic is one of the best islands in the world, with several recreational activities. However, when in the town of Punta Cana, there is one particular activity you should always take advantage of. What is it? Well, deep sea fishing Punta Cana,
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Source: @royaltonsplashpuntacana

Water Parks in Punta Cana: Which ones are the best?

When summer arrives, many families and couples decide to travel to the Dominican Republic, ready to enjoy the delicious food, stunning beaches and even a dip in the waterfalls. But have you thought about the Water Parks in Punta Cana has to offer? There
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Hiking in Punta Cana – A Guide to the Picturesque Hiking Trails

Punta Cana is home to some of the world’s top white sand beaches and luxurious all-inclusive resorts. It’s what everyone knows; let’s get deep into it! Where it’s famous chiefly for its beaches and crystal clear water, its landscapes are also drool-worthy. Punta Cana
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Going Zipline Punta Cana!

Punta Cana is a stunning town in the Dominican Republic famous worldwide for featuring the 32km stretch of white sand beaches, lavish all-inclusive resorts, zipline Punta Cana, and crystal-clear turquoise water. Its Junalio beach is considered among the top stunning beaches in the world.
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Your Ultimate Guide for Recreational Fishing in Punta Cana

The Coconut Coast, Punta Cana, is worldwide famous for its long stretch of white sand beaches, the variety of fish species it holds, and the crystal clear waters. Where you can hook yourself in sky diving, windsurfing, parasailing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and more, fishing
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Parasailing Punta Cana: Tips for an Unforgettable Experience

The Dominican Republic is a dream destination for tourists around the globe. Its popularity among tourists can be attributed to the experience of parasailing Punta Cana, the fascinating history of Santo Domingo, the colonial vestiges of Puerto Plata, the adventures of Jarabacoa, and more. 
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Let’s Solve the Mystery of Jet Ski Punta Cana!

When looking for the best destinations in the Caribbean’s Dominican Republic, tourists get stuck by the name Punta Cana! Punta Cana is, in short, a dream world for both beach lovers, historic landmarks explorers, and Jet ski Punta Cana.  Where beach lovers can have
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