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Scape Park Punta Cana: Everything you need to know to enjoy it to the fullest

The Dominican Republic has become the tourist destination par excellence in the Caribbean. The country has an invaluable natural wealth that makes it ideal for fans of ecotourism and adventure tourism. In addition to its magical beaches, imposing mountains , and vast deserts, the Dominican Republic is famous for its rich culture and the warmth of its people. One of the favorite destinations for tourists on the island is Punta Cana , located in the province of Altagracia in the east of the country. Punta Cana not only has spectacular beaches, but also offers its visitors some of the best experiences in the Caribbean. Today we will tell you all about Scape Park , a park that perfectly mixes natural wonders and man-made attractions.

Scape Park one of the best tourist destinations in Punta Cana

Scape Park is a theme park located in Cap Cana, one of the most exclusive areas of Punta Cana. The park has more than 247 acres where you can enjoy different caves, cenotes, pools, gardens, and unparalleled views of the tropical jungle. Do not miss the opportunity to discover Scape Park to live an exciting adventure or disconnect while you relax in the middle of nature.

If you are a fan of adrenaline, the park offers dizzying tours on zip lines over the local jungle. Explore ancient caves and discover the secrets of the cenotes and natural pools that the indigenous natives considered sacred places. Finally, you can tour the park gardens and discover the rich biodiversity hidden in the tropical ecosystem.

Dare to take the wheel and venture across the park grounds aboard an all-terrain buggy. You can also take the exclusive tour through some of the most impressive beaches in the area and dive to see the marine fauna. Regardless of your choice, Scape Park ensures hours of fun and a day to remember for the rest of your life. Below we tell you everything you need to know about the different attractions that the park offers its visitors:

group of friends enjoy the sea on Scape Park yachtSource: @scapepark

Blue Hole

Dive into the waters of this hidden cenote to cool off and relax while enjoying the spectacular view. Hoyo Azul is famous due to the intense turquoise color of its waters, so crystal clear that you can see the bottom without any difficulty. It is a rocky cave that ends in a deep freshwater well that shows you the most exotic face of the Caribbean.

It is one of the main attractions that Scape Park Punta Cana offers its visitors. Due to its great popularity, it is a very crowded area, so we recommend that you visit it in the early hours of the day. The park has life preservers and floats for the little ones in the house and people who don’t know how to swim.

For those who prefer not to enter the water, they can be enchanted from the wooden bridge over the cenote. However, it is advisable to succumb to the call of the crystalline waters and live an unforgettable experience.

crystal clear blue water well

Zip lines

The circuit of 12 zip lines allows you to advance through an impressive cliff while flying over the local jungle. Feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins as you speed through the Dominican rainforest. Marvel at spectacular panoramic views that can only be seen from the top of the safest zipline circuit in the Caribbean country.

The Scape Park ziplines are divided into different sections that you can reach by walking through the park. The largest platform from which you can launch is located more than 70 meters high and the longest route exceeds 450 meters. The weight limit to use the ziplines is 300 pounds and the use of selfie sticks or other items is not allowed during the tour.

The tour to enjoy the zip lines can be very demanding for some people, so it is advisable to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. In addition, it is also important to use sunscreen and stay hydrated throughout the tour.

woman enjoying a zip line rideSource: @scapepark

Via ferrata

VLive the experience of climbing a rocky wall in a totally safe way in the “Via ferrata” section. This section is part of the route that must be taken to jump from the zip lines. It is a slightly inclined rock formation with several metal elements to facilitate the climbing experience.

woman looking coah before enjoying a zip line rideSource: @scapepark

Cultural route

The cultural route of Scape Park Punta Cana seeks to rescue the identity of the Dominican from the recognition of their roots. Discover the cultural heritage that the colonial era left on the island with this tour that mixes adventure and learning in equal parts. Walk through scale models of a Spanish colonial villa, an African palenque, a Taíno bohío and a Dominican country house today. During the tour you can review the informative posters or let yourself be guided by the workers who give tours of the different homes. At the end you will be able to identify the cultural heritage not only of the Dominican Republic , but of all of Latin America.

couple exploring nature in the Cultural route on DR

Cave swim

Discover the magic hidden in this ancestral spring that the Tainos used to perform their sacred rituals. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a dip in this natural underground pool of invigorating waters. Although sunlight does not reach its interior, the cavern is illuminated by different colored lamps that accentuate the mystical aura of the place.

Cave swim is one of the most enriching experiences you can live during your visit to Scape Park Punta Cana. As in Hoyo Azul, the natural pool has life jackets and floats for those who do not know how to swim.

The cave is located at the end of the cultural route and is also quite popular with visitors. If you want to have a moment alone to relax, we recommend that you visit it at the beginning or end of your tour.

smiling woman enjoying herself in Cave swimSource: scapepark

Blue jumps

Dive from the tarzan rope to take a dip and relax in the pool surrounded by waterfalls and ancient caverns. In Saltos Azules you can also slide in the water hammock while you run through a wide pool at full speed. The Macuya swing is also an excellent way to fly through the air and jump into the adventure to land in the refreshing pool water. Blue Falls is the best attraction to end your tour of Scape Park Punta Cana. We recommend you explore behind the waterfalls , there you will discover several caves and rocky passages that are worth knowing.

top view of the crystal-clear water bathing resortSource: @scapepark

Iguabonita cave

Delve into the vast network of underground caves and tunnels to discover impressive geological formations. Live the experience of an adventurous cave explorer and discover all the wonders that lie underground. Not only will you learn about minerals and rocks, but you will also get to know a little about the endemic fauna of the place.

Iguabonita cave is an experience that you should not miss. Tours end at 2 PM, so it’s important to arrive on time so you don’t miss out on the experience. To do the tour you must wear closed shoes and the mandatory safety equipment provided by the park.

woman entering to explore the caves of IguabonitaSource: @scapepark

Monkey island

It’s impossible not to stumble upon the monkey-ruled island of Scape Park Punta Cana. It’s located in the busiest part of the park and is home to several squirrel and capuchin monkeys. Although they are different species, both are part of the Cebidae family and can coexist in harmony. Monkey island specimens are outdoors without any cage that limits their mobility. They spend the day playing, howling, and climbing the trees on their island. It is a natural spectacle that every child and wildlife lover should enjoy.

couple enjoying their day at MonkeyLand in the DRSource: @hidcrull

Parrots island

They’re colourful, outrageous, friendly and outrageously funny – so are the parrots at Scape Park’s Parrots island . Join the color party and judge for yourself the level of intelligence of these beautiful birds. If you pay the extra fee, you can interact with different macaws and take as many pictures as you want with the help of the park team.

Some species of macaw can live for more than 80 years and are capable of imitating human sounds. Their superior intelligence allows them to learn quickly and solve simple problems with great ease.

Graphic Desing from Parrots island at SCAPE PARKSource: @scapepark


Meet the rhinoceros iguana, an endangered species found only in this region of the world. Get close to this gigantic reptile in the company of our guides to learn everything about this wonderful animal, its habitat and conservation. Iguanaland is without a doubt a mandatory stop for all lovers of wildlife.

iguanaland graphic design in scape parkSource: @scapepark

The ranch

Live the complete experience of an authentic Dominican ranch with this section of the park. At the ranch you can observe and interact closely with different horses, ponies, donkeys and many other farm animals. The park’s horses are especially docile and enjoy being around visitors.

Let yourself be amazed by the beauty of these noble animals and learn while you enjoy a different day. Did you know that horses are the land mammal with the largest eyes? Or that both horses and donkeys can run shortly after being born? The park keepers will tell you these and many other curious facts about the equines on the ranch.

woman exploring nature trail at The RanchSource: @scapepark

Sunshine cruise

resort. During the ride you can snorkel or scuba dive at the famous Buccaneers reef. In addition, you will be able to visit Juanillo Bay, where you can relax swimming in the shallow waters of the renowned sandbank. Sunshine cruise package has an additional cost and offers various benefits to those who choose to live the experience. This includes various snacks and an open bar to enjoy exotic drinks while sailing. The tour lasts approximately two and a half hours and is limited to 50 people per trip.

general plan of Sacape PArk yacht with group of tourists having fun inside itSource: @scapepark


Fancy taking the wheel and speeding around the park? If you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping adventure, then the optional buggy package is for you. For an additional cost you can drive one of the park’s Can-Am 4×4 off-road buggies. Navigate narrow, muddy roads and leave a trail of dust wherever you go aboard these comfortable vehicles.

group of friends riding buggiesSource: @scapepark

How can I book tickets to visit Scape Park in Punta Cana?

Are you ready to start your adventure? There are several ways to get tickets for Scape Park Punta Cana and here we explain all of them in great detail.

First of all, you can buy your tickets in person at the park entrance. This option is easy for locals who live near the venue. However, it is not highly recommended for those who organize very rigorous travel itineraries because it could happen that tickets are left available. The most recommended option is to make a reservation in advance through the park’s official website . Scape Park Punta Cana has 3 different packages to choose from. In addition, it also offers special prices for Dominicans who wish to visit the amusement park.

young Caucasian man looking upward while pondering an idea

What are the rates to live the Scape Park Punta Cana experience?

As we told you about in the previous section, Scape Park Punta Cana offers several packages with different costs . First of all we will explain the special rates for Dominicans who want to live this wonderful experience:

man's hand holding cash

Visiting rates for Dominicans

  • Full admission: the standard package costs $50 per adult and $25 for children from 6 to 12 years old.
  • Full admission + Sunshine cruise: includes the standard package, an exclusive catamaran tour and the possibility of diving. The fee is $90 per adult and $55 for children ages 6-12.
  • Full admission + Buggies: the minimum age to drive the buggies is 18 years old and you must have a license. The minimum age to participate in the experience is 13 years. The one-time fee for this package is $90.
  • Full admission from Santo Domingo: the package includes the entrance to the park and transportation to and from the capital city. The cost per adult is RD$3,600, children between 6 and 12 years old pay RD$2,172 and infants under 6 years old RD$743.
  • Annual Pass: gives you unlimited tickets for 12 months to the park just by making a reservation in advance. Does not include motorized attractions. It has a cost of $150 per adult and $75 for children between 6 and 12 years of age. Acquire the pass by writing to this email or through WhatsApp 890-390-3576.

“I am Scape” Membership: membership is totally free and offers you advantages such as 2×1 discounts and special seasonal gifts. You can request it by writing to this email .

Visit fees for foreigners

  • Full admission: $129 per adult and $69 for children between 6 and 12 years of age.
  • Full admission + Sunshine cruise: $169 per adult and $99 for children between 6 and 12 years of age.

Full admission + Buggies: $169 per adult. The minimum age to use the buggies is 13 years and only those over 18 with a license can drive them.

Scape Park schedules and itineraries

The park opens its doors to visitors from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and works from Saturday to Wednesday. We recommend organizing your visit in advance to make the most of the day. From 4:00 pm the workers begin to close the different attractions.

4 things you should know before visiting Scape Park in Cap Cana

Before venturing into the Scape Park Punta Cana experience, there are a couple of things you should know. Here are 4 tips that you should keep in mind to enjoy your visit to the fullest:

Transportation to get to the park

All packages include round-trip transportation from different hotels and resorts in the region to the park. However, you can also use alternative means of transportation such as ubers or private cars.

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

Take into account that the journeys within the park can be long . Getting to Hoyo Azul from the entrance can take you 20 minutes walking and from Saltos azules to Swim Cave there is another 15-minute journey. We advise you to wear closed water shoes and use sunscreen during your visit.

What you should not take

The park does not allow the entry of any type of food or drink except for bottles of water. Selfie sticks, drones and professional cameras are also not allowed . Scape Park offers photography packages that you can purchase for an extra cost.

Attraction restrictions

The maximum weight to use the ziplines is 300 pounds and their use is discouraged in case of pregnancy.

Park social networks

You can visit the official pages of Scape Park Punta Cana on twitter , instagram , facebook and youtube . And if you still want to see a little more, do not hesitate to visit this Video Tour of the main attractions of the park.

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