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Puerto Plata

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When you hear the name Puerto Plata, it is normal to imagine a dream place. You find it in the north of the Dominican Republic, 200 km from Santo Domingo. This province is the cradle of tourism in the Caribbean country. Today it is still the favorite destination of visitors for its more than 55 kilometers of coastline divided into 26 beaches.

The “Bride of the Atlantic” has a cable car that takes you to the Botanical Garden at the top of the Loma Isabel de Torres. It also has the Fortress of San Felipe, which dates back to the XVI century and is full of historical and cultural riches.

If you enjoy water sports, Cabarete is the right place for you, where you can practice kitesurfing, windsurfing and surfing. But if you prefer less extreme sports, Puerto Plata offers an 18-hole golf course. 

Another attraction you can’t miss is Ocean World Adventure Park. This attraction center has it all, pools, casino, restaurants, clubs and even dolphins you can swim with.

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Places to Stay

Best place to stay in Dominican Republic: What's ideal for YOU?

Best place to stay in Dominican Republic: What’s ideal for YOU?

The Dominican Republic is a Caribbean country located in the Antilles . Its demographic limits to the north with the Atlantic Ocean and to the south with the Caribbean Sea provide us with a tropical landscape surrounded by innumerable natural attractions that favor ecotourism, ...
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Food & Drink

Source: @mamajuana_rd

Mamajuana: The Dominican drink that everyone should try

When preparing a trip to the Dominican Republic, we all hope to find paradisiacal beaches with crystal clear water and soft sand. But as soon as the plane lands at the airport we discover that the Caribbean country has much more to offer. Friendly ...
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Best Things to do in Puerto Plata at Night

7 Best Things to do in Puerto Plata at Night

Puerto Plata is the third largest city in the Dominican Republic, and it is the capital of the province of Puerto Plata. It is also known by the name San Felipe de Puerto Plata. It is located at the bottom of Island de Torres ...
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Enjoy the Caribbean with Car Rentals in Puerto Plata - A Complete Guide

Enjoy the Caribbean with Car Rentals in Puerto Plata – A Complete Guide

Puerto Plata is a beautiful Caribbean destination, full of sights and sounds that make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the region. With its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, visitors will have an unforgettable experience. But the question is, how would ...
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Things To Do

Things to do in Puerto Plata: Discover the most exciting ones!

Located just 4 hours from Santo Domingo, on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, Puerto Plata is one of the main tourist destinations in the Caribbean country after Punta Cana. However, its lesser popularity does not do it justice, as we find many ...
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Cayo Arena Paradise Island Tour- Fun Activities to Do!

Ever wondered what a Paradise would look like? Cayo Arena Paradise Island is the literal definition of paradise on earth. This is one of the most magical places in the Puerto Plata region of the Dominican Republic. The Cayo Arena Paradise Island tour can ...
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Amber Cove, Dominican Republic Beaches

Perhaps you’re reading this article because you’re considering visiting Amber Cove Dominican Republic beaches. You know what? Let me tell you. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit Amber Cove, Dominican Republic, this past week. It was a fantastic experience! The beaches ...
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