7 Best Things to do in Puerto Plata at Night

Best Things to do in Puerto Plata at Night

Puerto Plata is the third largest city in the Dominican Republic, and it is the capital of the province of Puerto Plata. It is also known by the name San Felipe de Puerto Plata. It is located at the bottom of Island de Torres Peak, along the Atlantic Ocean. 

Puerto Plata is worldly famous for its charming white sand beaches, one of the most famous being Playa Dorada, lively nightlife, and more. 

Are you planning a night stay in this alluring city and looking for the best thing to do after dinner in Puerto Plata? Read this article as we take you through the best things to do in Puerto Plata at night and the best nightspots to hop on any night and make it worth-memorable when enjoying it to the fullest! Let’s dive right into it!

Best Night Spots in Puerto Plata

You can experience most of Puerto Plata’s nightlife in its famous bars, clubs, etc. Each bar/club tries to provide guests with different and even better facilities than others. Dive into this interesting article to learn about various night bars, clubs, and more in Puerto Plata. 

1. Ocean World Terrace

The Ocean World Terrace is one of the best places in Puerto Plata, with a lovely view of the famous Atlantic Ocean. It makes a fantastic night spot with live music, snacks, and worth drooling over beverages. The terrace offers guests its extensive range of wine, cocktails, and other favorite drinks such as Presidente beer, Modelo, Corona, and Bohemia. 

The Ocean World Terrace also features an interior lounge where you can have fun playing various pool games. You can also plan your birthday or wedding in this elegant interior setting. It is the perfect place for tourists and locals in Puerto Plata to spend nightlife in the calm and cozy atmosphere with a stunning view of the Marina. 

Ocean World TerraceSource: @oceanworldterrace

2. Onno’s Cabarete

Onno’s Beach Bar is located in Cabarete, the ideal spot for those who want to dance and party all night with their friends. You can enjoy dancing at this beautiful beachfront bar when listening to Salsa, Merengue, and other famed international music. The most interesting thing about this bar is that every day the DJ plays different music like hip-hop, reggae, Latina, etc.

The main focus of Onno’s Beach Bar is to provide guests with refreshing drinks and thrilling and energetic night party vibes. Spending a weekend night at this appealing bar will keep you refreshed till the following weekend.

Source: @onnosbavaro

3. Diamond Club & Lounge

Diamond Beach Club, located in Sosúa, catches the sight of most travelers as it features a first-class staff that serves top-notch drinks at the beach. In this new hot Diamond Club’s friendly ambiance, you can enjoy entertaining performances by famous music stars with your special drink.

Source: @royaltonpuntacana

4. Vox Room Club

Vox room Club is nearer to several famous restaurants and bars, located in the heart of Puerto Plata. A variety of music from reggae to hip-hop and flavorful drinks at affordable prices are something that anyone can enjoy in this club. The club’s highlights include scenic oceanfront views, friendly staff, and delectable food and drinks. 

Besides dancing and feasting on the meal, you can enjoy a dip in the pool this amazing club features. 

Vox Room ClubSource: @voxroomrd

5. Mangú

Mangú is the most famous Puerto Plata dance club among tourists and locals. It’s right adjacent to the Holiday Village Golden Beach Resort, and the residents of this resort can have fun in Mangu for free. However, non-residents have to pay RD$100 as an entrance fee. 

Wondering what’s unique in this dance club? Here you can expect a huge dancing crowd, pleasing visual effects, and a feather show that begins around 11:30 PM. 

6. Paris Nightclub

Last but not least, Paris Nightclub is where the thrill meets thrive! Visiting Paris Nightclub is one of the best things to do in Puerto Plata at night. The club has an electrifying atmosphere with an expansive outdoor terrace and plentiful indoor dance space. 

The DJ at this nightclub ensures to play something of everyone’s choice from the top 40 hits and Latin music range. It also features a restaurant and bar where you can find the yummiest ever food and drinks.

Do you want to enjoy a more exclusive experience? Paris Nightclub also has VIP areas. 

7. Roadway Western Bar and Mix Grill

Considered one of Mangu’s most visible competitors, Roadway Western Bar and Grill is situated right on the backside of the Playa Dorada Plaza’s busiest shopping center. The most pleasing thing is that there’s no entrance fee and the Presidente beer sells for RD$140. 

Besides the perfect seating arrangement and the beautifully decorated space, what visitors find most interesting are the company slogans, like Gringas are forever, being outfitted on the walls. 

Is It Safe to Visit Nightclubs and Bars in Puerto Plata?

Are you wondering if having fun in nightclubs and bars in Puerto Plata is safe? Yeah, it undoubtedly is! This city is tourist friendly and has a very low crime rate. However, every hotspot in the world has some areas considered safer than others, so be sure to check out those. 

When leaving your resort or Airbnb at night, be sure to stick to the well-lit areas. Also, you will find several police officers and guards patrolling the streets. So, don’t worry; you will be safe; just enjoy the night, folk!

Wrapping Up

Puerto Plata is no different from the other major cities of the Dominican Republic in offering its tourists a plethora of entertainment options. Whether it’s night or day, you will find loads of activities to hook yourself in and bundles of hotspots to hop inside for fun or exploration. In this article, we have listed most of the popular nightclubs and bars of Puerto Plata; here, you can spend the best nights of your life dancing to famous songs and immersing yourself in striking vistas. Visiting and having a good time at these places are indeed the best things to do in Puerto Plata at night.

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