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Car rental in Dominican Republic for tourism purposes is an increasingly popular option among travelers from all over the world. This alternative provides freedom, comfort and flexibility to visitors during their stay in this beautiful Caribbean country.

There are more than 300 car rental agencies throughout the country. You will find rentals available in the main cities that will allow you to explore every corner of the country at your own pace. Dare to drive along the paradisiacal beaches of Punta Cana, discover the rich history of Santo Domingo or venture into the mountains of Jarabacoa

The Dominican Republic has a road network of 1,395 km of main roads and more than 4,000 km of secondary roads. Having your own vehicle gives you the freedom to choose the itinerary and stop at the places that interest you most. 

Plan your trip according to your budget and interests, fill out our Vacation Quiz, rent a vehicle and discover all that the DR has to offer!

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