What to Expect from Helicopter Tour in Punta Cana

What to Expect from Helicopter Tour in Punta Cana

The Dominican Republic boasts several towns and cities, with Punta Cana being the most visited one. It’s where you can have fun relaxing at the 32 km long stretch of white sand beaches and enjoying multiple water-based activities in crystal-clear water. Wondering what else Punta Cana has to offer? Keep reading to find out!

Punta Cana features several breathtaking landscapes and sceneries, which can surely leave you stunned, assuming this place is heaven on land! To witness these alluring vistas and capture some aerial 360-degree panoramic views of this fascinating Dominican Republic town, why not go for a helicopter tour in Punta Cana?

In this article, we have described in detail what’s the best time to go on a helicopter tour in Punta Cana, how much it costs, what you get to witness, and more. Dive into the article to explore more!

What’s the Best Time to Go on a Helicopter Tour in Punta Cana?

Different companies offer a range of flight packages for helicopter tours. But choosing the correct month and time is very important as flights significantly depend on weather conditions. A cloudy day may be a fun time to venture on the ground, but it is not a good option for flight as it can obscure the vision.

You can visit Punta Cana round the year but the best time for the helicopter tour is May, November, and the first half of December. These months are less likely to have hurricanes, storms, or fog, so that you can grasp the pleasing view of resorts and beaches at Punta Cana.

The worst month to have the helicopter tour is September, the rainiest month when the chances of storms are also considerably high.

How Much Does It Cost to Enjoy a Helicopter Tour in Punta Cana?

The price range varies from $37 to $200 depending on the package selected by passengers and the duration for how long they want their tour to last. In short, the helicopter tour to Punta Cana is one of the lifetime experiences every travel enthusiast should hook themselves in.

Several flight companies offer packages to passengers that can be either 10, 15, 20, 30, or 40 minutes long. You choose from three departure times: early in the morning, late in the morning, and in the afternoon. The helicopter cabin is also open, which enhances the majestic view. Some companies also offer a unique 50-minute package for a tour to Salto-La Jalda, the highest waterfall in the Caribbean.

What Helicopter Tour in Punta Cana Is Like?

Every year, thousands of tourists come to enjoy the crystal clear waters and striking white sandy beaches of Punta Cana in helicopter rides. Let’s have a look at what a helicopter tour in Punta Cana is like.

In your helicopter ride, you will get a chance to witness the picturesque beauty of the Punta Cana beaches, the deep, vibrant gorges of palm and coconut trees, a spectacular view of the basilica in the city of Higuey, and the stunning Bavaro beaches.

Flying over the nation’s southeasterly beaches and taking in the breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean’s junction, it’s truly a drool-worthy experience! The open cabin of the helicopter lets you immerse yourself in the scenic vistas, capturing them with your eyes and the cameras!

Here is a short glimpse of the main attractions you get to witness and capture on your exotic tour!

Source: @puntacanahelicopters

Epic Views of Bavaro Beach

Bavaro beach is the top attraction in Punta Cana and is ranked as one of the best beaches by UNESCO. The pickup destination for helicopters in Punta Cana is also the all-inclusive resorts in Bavaro beach.

While soaring among the clouds of Bavaro, you can witness the perfect combination of relaxation and leisure as the region is lapped by turquoise blue water bounded by lush green jungle.

While admiring nature’s serenity, you can look at the boats floating in the sea and children playing on the beach’s white sand that may look like tiny creatures from above the sky.

The helicopter company provides a tourist guide and will also brief you about the locals of the area and the story behind each of the beautiful spots in Bavaro.

Helicopter Tour in Punta Cana

Soaring Among Montana Redonda and Playa Esmeralda

At 40 miles from Bavaro is Montana Redonda, a picturesque mountain range offering spectacular panoramic vistas. The striking mountains and an adventurous zipline setup are a specialization of Montana Redonda. The zipline is 1310 meters long and is located at 4300 feet. You’ll also pass by giant swings cross hanging bridges during your flight.

Just 10 miles from Montana Redonda, you can have a birds-eye view of Playa Esmeralda, a breezy beach lined with coconut palm trees and dazzling white sand. Don’t forget to lock this charismatic view in your cameras.

Source: @montanaredondaparadises

Vibrant Vistas of Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park:

Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park is among the most beautiful landscapes you can view on a helicopter tour. Covering 1500 acres of land, this tranquil heaven features striking diversity of fauna and flora. It’s home to 300 types of birds of various colors.

You can witness people swimming in the emerald water of the series of 12 freshwater lagoons. The landscape of this park is a treat to the eyes as it is filled with lush green trees, fruit tree gardens, and adventurous hiking trails. This beautiful park provides a scenic blend of colors and charisma when you look from a considerable height.

Source: @turismord

Aerial View of Playful Whales:

While venturing on the helicopter, you may catch the sight of beautiful and gigantic whales jumping and playing in the turquoise blue water of the sea. These whales migrate to the tropical Caribbean Sea during winter, mainly for mating. The male whales often display themselves in full glory, providing tourists with a worth-watching sight.

Source: @touringdr

Wrapping Up

Punta Cana is your go-to place if you love admiring natural beauty featured in fascinating sceneries and landscapes. And going for a helicopter tour in Punta Cana is an ideal experience for immersing yourself in the charm of Punta Cana, exploring it to the fullest, right from the top!

This article features all the information required to enjoy an unforgettable experience of a helicopter tour in Punta Cana. In short, it’s your ultimate guide, explaining what your tour would be like! You will find this and other helpful articles in Yourdominicanguide!

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