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Top Events in Dominican Republic The beach musician plays the drum. Drummer

If there is one country that truly knows how to live up to the festival spirit, it sure has to be the Dominican Republic. The place needs an excuse to party, which is one reason why the Dominican Republic is among one of the most vibrant, joyous, festive, and prosperous places in the world.

If you want to know the year-long list of top events this country offers. Then you have landed on the right page. In this article, we have concluded all the top events in Dominican Republic. Hop on below to get started!

All Top Events in the Festive Rich Country

Are you someone who loves to celebrate all kinds of festivals and participate in traditions and events that are extremely unique? In that case, you need to get a ticket to the Dominican and stay to experience the annual festivals this Latin American country offers. Some of the incredible and top events in Dominican Republic, include:

1. Guloya Festival

Celebrated at the beginning of the New Year on January 1st, the Guloya Festival is one event that the locals and visitors eagerly look forward to.

The event is hosted in San Pedro de Macoris – a place known for being rich in culture and heavy Cuban influence. The locals in San Pedro were Cuban immigrants who fled their country during the War of Independence in the Nineteenth Century.

These locals held heavy knowledge about sugarcane farming, and this expertise on the fertile, rich soil of San Pedro made the region one of the most economically beneficial areas of the country. 

The Guloya Festival is as old as the settlement of these Cubans and counts as one of the top events in Dominican Republic. Every year in January, a massive crowd enters town to experience the beautiful and colorful subculture and a drummer’s procession unlike anywhere else.

Guloya FestivalSource: @teatroguloya

2. Juan Pablo Duarte Day

The Dominican locals never forget their roots and remember those who stood by them when times were hard. Hence, Juan Pablo Duarte Day is another festival celebrated on the closest Monday to January 26th, which holds immense value for the Dominican Republicans.

This celebration honors Juan Pablo Duarte, a fighter in the war that brought the Dominican independence.

Juan Pablo Duarte fought with immense strength and resilience. The reason for celebrating it around 26th January is because it was when Duarte was born. During the celebration, people lay wreaths and flowers on his tomb, while children march along the military men and pay tribute to the man who helped the country in numerous ways.

Juan Pablo Duarte DaySource: @museodecerajuanpabloduarte

3. Carnaval

With the festival for January aside, the month of February hosts a multitude of festivities. The Carnaval is among all which stands out the most. Throughout the month of February, the cities of the Dominican Republic, especially Santo Domingo, host a street celebration every Sunday, which lasts all day and all night.

The last and final day of this celebration falls on February 27th, the day when the Dominican gained independence after two decades of Haitian rule. Each city and area celebrates this one of the top events in Dominican Republic in its own way. 

For instance, Santo Domingo celebrates it with an independence march. However, there is nothing that beats the celebration of La Vega. La Vega locals wear devil horns in the celebration and fight with each other, throwing water balloons. 

CarnavalSource: @carnavaldominicano1

4. Cabarete Sand Castle Festival

During February in the town of Cabarete, a sand castle festival is celebrated. The Cabarete is known for its exceptional beaches and tourism; hence, every year, a massive attraction comes to attend the festivities.

The beaches of Cabarete are transformed into giant sand sculptures during the ten days of February. Sand sculpting artists show an immense talent for curating beautiful sculptures that people appreciate. 

The sculptures are stunning and, when ruined after ten days of the festival, leave you wondering how the artists will bear seeing such a gorgeous creation of theirs get destroyed. However, it is an annual tradition, and the artists come back with even more exceptional designs every year. 

CAstle sand at Cabarete Sand Castle Festival

5. Semana Santa

The Semana Santa festival is a fusion of Dominican Catholic celebrations along with the fusion of Afro-Dominican Vodú. This fusion makes the celebration even more impressive, and hence if visiting the country during April, this festival is not something you should miss out on.

The locals dress as the devil in the town of Cabral and punish the passersby for fun with whips and verbal insults. It’s all about fun, and the locals and visitors all have a great time during the celebrations. 

image of Semana Santa

6. San Felipe

On May 3rd, celebrated in the city of Puerto Plata, the San Felipe is a great festival that locals look forward to.

The festival hosts excellent food, good music, and a lot to drink. Hence, in a country that loves to celebrate, this festival is one of the top events in Dominican Republic everyone looks forward to.

San Felipe's Castell

7. Espíritu Santo

Seven weeks after the Semana Santa festival and a little after the San Felipe celebrations, Espiritu Santo is celebrated.  The Dominican Republic remains filled with the sounds of drums and other African instruments throughout the month of June.

Although the celebrations occur throughout the country, the most significant celebration occurs in a community called Villa Mella.  

hands praying over holly bible

8. Merengue Festival

The Merengue Festival is celebrated in the Santo Domingo region along the coast of Malecon. During the celebrations, the entire coast gets lit up, and the sounds of Merengue fill the entire vicinity.

The festival starts in late July and ends on August fourth, corresponding to the city’s founding anniversary. The festival is attended by huge tourist crowds who come to see several of the world’s most famous musicians and dancers performing during the festival.

collage with images of activities of the dominican cultureSource: @arterupestrerd

9. The Dominican Republic Festival Week

October is all about fashion in the Dominican Republic! It’s when several amazing fashion weeks and festivals take place. Organized in Santo Domingo, the entire month is filled with the top designers and brands showcasing their clothing lines in fashion runways for people to see. 

group of people march holding the flag of the DR in a metropolis


Dominican Republic is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and fun countries to experience. If you plan to visit the country, stay a few months to experience the rich culture and the numerous festivities it offers.

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