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Discover the wonders of the underwater world diving in the crystal clear waters of the Dominican Republic.  The Caribbean paradise offers you the possibility of snorkeling and scuba diving in complete safety.

Meet the imposing coral reefs and witness the great variety of Caribbean fish while snorkeling in calm and crystal clear waters. You can also dare to go deeper and visit St. George, the majestic shipwreck half a mile from Bayahibe.

Another wonderful option is to dive on the Atlantic Princess, a small cruise ship at only 11 meters deep also in Bayahibe.

Dive in the Dominican Republic and discover the biodiversity of a multicolored underwater world! Delve into hidden caves and explore galleons and ancient shipwrecks, who knows what treasures they may hide?

This Caribbean island has it all, from whitewater canoeing to scuba diving in crystal clear waters, what are you waiting for to experience the perfect vacation?

Diving Dominican Republic: Here's how to Get a Memorable Experience

Diving Dominican Republic: Here’s how to Get a Memorable Experience

Known to be the most touristy destination of the Caribbean region, Dominican Republic is worth being the dream destination of millions from over the globe. Its immense popularity can be attributed to its striking beaches, picture-perfect sceneries, and adventurous water sports culture like diving
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Dominican Republic Scuba Diving – Things to Know for a Fun Experience

The Dominican Republic is a fascinating country located in the Caribbean region. It’s worldwide famous for several things, including the long stretches of beaches, picturesque sceneries, historic landmarks, Dominican republic scuba diving, and more.  Besides relaxing at the Punta Cana beaches and wandering around
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Exotic Spots for Enjoying Best Snorkeling in Punta Cana

Punta Cana, a fascinating town in the Dominican Republic, is one of the region’s top tourist attractions. It’s well known for its endlessly beautiful beaches and crystal clear turquoise water.  Punta Cana sits at the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea junction, at the easternmost
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Dominican Republic Snorkeling

Considering my recent visit to the beautiful Dominican Republic and its fantastic snorkeling, it’s a place you don’t want to miss. I could experience some of the most beautiful underwater views, and the fantastic variety of fish was breathtaking. Snorkeling is an activity that
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Snorkeling In Dominican Republic

I have had the great pleasure of visiting the Dominican Republic on a few occasions, and I have enjoyed some fantastic snorkeling each time. The crystal-clear water and abundance of marine life make it a truly great place to explore beneath the surface. It’s
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