Things to do in Espaillat in the Dominican Republic: A must see!

The province of Espaillat is a fairly touristy region of the Dominican Republic, with a wide variety of cultural, historical, and eco-tourism attractions for all types of travelers. It has landscapes with a natural polychromy, which looks like a painting from the Middle Ages, so they are usually quite striking among travelers.

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Why visit the province of Espaillat?

First of all, its name is due to President Ulises Francisco Espaillat, and its main municipality is Moca. And the things we can do here are too varied and fun not to include in your travel itinerary during your tour of the Dominican Republic.

Espaillat has colorful landscapes and a great variety of places where you can live unforgettable experiences with your family: horseback riding, ecological walks, excursions, and more. Likewise, you can plan night outings and enjoy the starry sky in this Province.

Nor can we fail to recommend that you plan a few visits to its spas such as El Chorro and La Represa, or to its beautiful Rogelio, Magante and La Ermita beaches. We will talk about all this later!

Among other major tourist attractions, we have the original habitat of the Salcedoa mirabaliarum plant, the La Salcedoa Scientific Reserve, and if you want to learn more about the architecture of the place, you can take a tour of the Sagrado Corazón de Jesús church.

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What is the best time to visit this region?

Espaillat has a great climate all year round. It is a place with a tropical climate with rainy seasons. The best time to visit this region is from June to August, since it has a wonderful climate of 25°C on average and the rainy season decreases on this date.

However, you can visit this region in any month and you will hardly notice a difference. Its climate will always be very favorable, although in the months between February and April it is usually a time where there is precipitation. If this isn’t a problem for you, it won’t cause you any trouble!

However, between September and December the weather is very acceptable and cool, so there are good weather conditions. Write down this information if you do not want to run into the rain on your vacation in the Caribbean.

What are the best things to do in Espaillat?

Espaillat is an area with many beaches, natural spas and ecotourism sites, which is why it is one of the favorite places for travelers, and surely it will also be yours to enjoy a long vacation or a weekend with your partner! family, or friends!Let’s see all the places you can visit and the best things to do in Espaillat :

1.Enjoy the El Chorro spa

First of all, we recommend you to enjoy the El Chorro spa. It is a pebble beach (pieces of loose rock) located in the Dominican Republic, here is the Coraamoca government office and Jamao Bridge.

It is a beautiful place, it is visited by foreigners and people from the region. Currently, it is an exotic and cozy spa with crystalline waters, suitable for attending in the hot season to cool off and relax in the best Dominican and Caribbean style. In addition, here they usually practice swimming and kayak tours.

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2.Practice water sports in La Represa (Jamao al Norte)

The Dam in Jamao al Norte is a magical place. Getting to this natural environment is quite simple, as you can even go with your private vehicle. It has delicious and refreshing waters that are part of the tour, but it is best to visit this Spa on non-holiday days.

At La Represa you can do activities such as: bareback riding, fishing, hiking, kayaking, land safaris and rappelling. You can even stay as long as you want in the ecological cabins available to travelers.

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3.Spend a sunny day by the waters of Magante Beach

It is a beach with crystal clear and turquoise waters, with soft and fine sand, very well equipped and where you can live a complete experience: from the chairs, umbrellas and the excellent attention offered by the services offered.

In this place you can make a date night and enjoy its coffee bar, or you can do water activities such as boat rides, jet skis, catamarans, beach bowling and other activities.

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4.Visit the Sacred Heart of Jesus Church (Moca)

It is one of the most beautiful churches in this region, where the devotees of the area meet. Upon arrival, you will notice its very romantic and majestic style. It was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1990 and then Monumental Heritage of the Dominican Republic by the Executive Branch in 2006.

A curious fact is that it has a high altar of white marble, where the central image is the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as well as a spectacular bell tower about 60 meters high, which can be seen anywhere in the city of Moca. .

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5.Make a spiritual retreat or measure in the Mount of Prayer (San Víctor)

The mountain of prayer is an extraordinary place to live or plan a spiritual retreat. In fact, its name honors the experience that is obtained in this beautiful place, perfect for meditating or doing a spiritual retreat.

Also, you will find various mountain cabins to stay for as long as you consider necessary. Without a doubt, it is an ideal place for those who come from busy cities and want to complete their vacation with a period of retreat for meditation and relaxation.

You will have all the silence and peace you need to disconnect from the stress of everyday life!

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6.Visit the town of Moca

This is the main city of this province, and it is located in the northeast of the Dominican Republic. It has wonderful landscapes, natural resources and various sites that you can discover and enjoy during a tour or walk through its colorful streets.

It is a place where you can carry out various activities such as ecotourism, adventure or mountain tourism in the Cibao plain, the Northern Cordillera or others. In addition, it has a tropical humid temperate climate that allows you to be cool and very relaxed while you enjoy this City.

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7.Discover and visit the Taino Farm, an authentic vegetable kingdom!

The Taino Farm is located in the north of the Dominican Republic, in the municipality of Jamao del Norte in the Espaillat Province. It is a farm with different plants. Many of them are one of a kind, so you won’t be able to find them elsewhere.

Here you will be received by professionals, who will gladly give you a tour and will tell you wonders about their activities and the plants that they take care of with great dedication. They also hold demonstrations of permaculture-influenced agritourism that inspires the production of nutritious foods found near this region.

Currently, this site is a great advance for the region, since they have modern beekeeping and aquaculture systems. The Taino Farm even opens its doors to students who do their internships or trips to see the farm and learn more about its technology.

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8.Rappel at Salto de Elena, Espaillat

There is a place hidden in the mountains of Jamao al Norte called Salto de Elena, Espaillat. This is a jump of approximately 12 meters high. Here you will see how the water descends to a cool deep pool of aquamarine green water, totally beautiful.

If you are a lover of living new adventures, don’t worry, you can rappel down the waterfall. The place has attentive staff, who will offer you the guide and the necessary equipment to enjoy this activity full of adrenaline.

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9.Live an unforgettable experience during the trip to Salto de las Golondrinas

This is also quite an adventure. Because the journey is intense, it is recommended for people who are in good physical condition, especially since it is necessary to do a very long walk.

Therefore, it is advisable to bring water, be comfortable, have food and be accompanied by an experienced guide. It really is a dream place, it has crystal clear waters, which run strongly, where you can connect with nature and feel full of peace, free and relaxed.

The Salto de las Golondrinas, is a virgin paradise that is hidden. It is said that everyone who visits falls in love with the waterfall. You can also practice various activities such as hiking, rappelling, and immerse yourself in its deep waters. It really is an experience that you will not regret living.

An interesting fact about this place is that it forms a fundamental part of the biodiversity and beauty of Espaillat, which is why it is a lung that is well protected. It can even be a dream place to visit as a couple or have an adventure alone.

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10.Don’t miss the Magic Mushroom waterfall

This is a very special site in the entire Dominican Republic. It is a waterfall where the rocks have been naturally carved into a mushroom shape, thanks to the accumulation of sediments on the site.

These rocks have created a beautiful landscape of water, which triggers our dopamine. It should be noted that this excursion should only be done by people who are in excellent physical condition, because to enter the Magic Mushroom you must go canyoning through various waterfalls and rappelling.

It is located in its main municipality, Moca. Its name is due to the shape of this place, which resembles a Mushroom (round on top and thin on the bottom). Dare to have an adventure, get to know a new, totally magical place and take a good bath in its cold and crystalline waters.

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11.Take a dip in Playa Rogelio

It is a spectacular beach that stands out for its soft, golden sand. Likewise, its waters are crystal clear and warm and will not go unnoticed. It is besieged in Gaspar Hernández of the Espaillat Province.

In fact, Rogelio Beach has positioned itself among the best places to enjoy a day at the beach for locals and tourists, enjoying a tropical landscape. Rogelio Beach is very clean, and also has a traveler’s touch with its booths.

Its staff offers good attention to all the people who arrive, making people feel comfortable and want to take a good dip. In addition to the beach, this site has become very famous for its sale of fish and other shellfish. You will also like to know that the beach has the Boulevard de Pescado.

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12.Visit the Three Dimensional Street in Moca and immerse yourself in its magic and color

Three-Dimensional Street is located in front of the Plazoleta Museum, which is a famous place in Moca. It is an experience full of color and travel, thanks to the various scenes that are painted on the ground, and transports viewers to different dimensions.

Here you can take beautiful and instagrammable photos that you will want to share with your friends when you return home. The only disadvantage of the Three Dimensional Street is that it is not very long, which means that few people visit it, with the only advantage that your photos and videos will be very interesting.

This idea arises thanks to the architect Juan Alberto Tejada (who made the first work in 3D in the Dominican Republic) his concept is to highlight the art, culture and history of Espaillat.

Source: @calle3dmoca

Activities that can be done in Espaillat

As we can see, this province is a box full of surprises where you can do endless outdoor activities, creating memories that you will always carry with you. So, be sure to practice any of the following exciting and fun activities:

  • Horseback riding: It is a very familiar activity, ideal to get to know the different landscapes that exist in Espaillat. We recommend you take the tour at “Rancho el Contento” where there are trained animals and instructors that will make this one of the best experiences.
  • Go to the Café Bar: If you like night plans, you can visit one of the café bars that are located on some of its beaches and spend a different time with your family. Be sure to try the rum, which is the popular drink of the Dominican Republic. nor a rich hot chocolate, whose cocoa bean is grown in the country, and is one of the most valued products internationally.
  • Take a kayak tour: This will be a wonderful experience that you can do in Jamao del Norte, and it is a 10-kilometer tour of the Jamao al Norte river, a trip that allows people to see the forests and crops.

Final words

Espaillat is a province full of tourist places and a place to carry out all kinds of activities. However, it is not usually well known by visitors and travelers. And it’s a shame, because it has natural settings in a virgin state, which manage to make its visitors fall in love from the first time.

Now that you know the things you can do in Espaillat, be sure to include this province in your travel plans to have a fun, exciting and 100% unique vacation.

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