Jeep Safari Punta Cana Tour: A Fun & Unique Adventure You’ll Never Forget!

Punta Cana is the dream destination for all the fans of the Dominican Republic’s charm. Its immense popularity can be mainly attributed to its 32 km long stretch of striking white sand beaches, some of which count among a few of the world’s best ones. A lavish all-inclusive resort, lively water sports culture, stunning tourist attractions, and more are the cherries on the top, elevating the tour expectations to another level. 

You can add several tours to your bucket list, including the scuba diving tour, wine tasting tour, horseback riding tour, white water rafting tour, and more. Another must addition to the list that’s the main tourist attraction for several tourists is the Jeep Safari Punta Cana. You get to explore local life in depth and taste the local produce. It’s indeed a great thing to do in Punta Cana. 

Read this article as we take you through all about the Jeep Safari Punta Cana tour. Without further ado, let’s hop inside!

What to Know Before Going to Jeep Safari Punta Cana Tour?

Have you ever wondered how you can make the most out of any excursion and enjoy it to the fullest? By diving deep into the culture and local life of your destination. The same is the case with Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. So, book your Jeep Safari Punta Cana tour now and get ready to enter the maze of exploration. 

Here is all that you must know before booking and going on the Jeep Safari Punta Cana tour; let’s have a look!

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How much Does the Tour Cost?

Expect this all-in-one tour to cost you $130-140. You can enjoy as many as six exhilarating activities at this minimal price.

What’s Included in the Tour?

Most Jeep Safari Punta Cana tours are one-day, beginning early in the morning and ending in the evening. These include the following:

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off in a jeep
  • Professional multilingual guide
  • Meals and drinks (soft drinks, beer, water, and the Dominican Republic’s unique Mama Juana)
  • Coffee and cocoa tasting
  • A worth-memorable trip to several Punta Cana highlights 

Who Can’t Take the Jeep Safari Punta Cana Tour?

Although it’s a tour almost everyone can partake in, some restrictions are still imposed, and these are surely just to ensure the tourist’s safety. Pregnant women, people with mobility issues, and those with neck or back problems can’t book this tour. 

What to Wear to Jeep Safari Punta Cana?

As you have to travel on open-top jeeps, expect to get dirty and muddy. However, we suggest wearing old clothes. Moreover, prefer layered clothing. The weather conditions might vary as you go from town to town to the mountains and to the beach. A thin long-sleeved or short-sleeved base with multiple add-ons like fleece, vests, or a jacket. 

Comfy trial shoes, light weighing hiking boots, and sneakers will accompany you best on the Jeep Safari Punta Cana tour. These shoes are preferred because Jeep safari is not about driving a jeep through the rocky jeep trails; you get to do lots of walks, too. However, ensure to be prepared, so you do not get blisters in the future. 

What to Bring Along?

The majority of tourist companies provide almost everything of need on the Jeep Safari Punta Cana tour; still, you should bring along sunglasses, a towel, a swimming suit, walking shoes, sunscreen, insect repellent, camera, as you will get to capture loads and loads of picture-perfect moments. Take some cash for shopping for souvenirs and buying rum bottles. 

Also, ensure a good breakfast before leaving your hotel and drink plentiful water during the tour. Keeping yourself well-hydrated will refresh you and help you enjoy the tour fully. 

What Do You Get from the Jeep Safari Punta Cana Tour?

Skip running behind the charm of resort-lined beaches in Punta Cana and immerse in a thrilling experience of visiting the DR’s wilderness. Jeep Safari Punta Cana tour is undoubtedly the only Punta Cana excursion in which you get to drive. The tour takes you through several local towns and discovers Dominican rural life. 

You will surely have a great time going off the road, traveling through rice fields and sugar cane, and exploring what most Dominican Republicans do for their livelihood. On your tour, you also get to witness the making and harvesting process of what the DR is worldly known for, i.e., its cigars, cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, cocoa, and more. 

When touring across the paved roads, expect to come across fishermen, livestock, and several locals living their daily life. Their friendliness will surely leave you fascinated; you will end up loving DR even more. 

Besides taking in the scenic vistas of the Cordillera Oriental Mountain Range with palm trees and green foliage, which extend as far as you can see, you can also have fun at the local ranch. Ride horses on the adventurous zip line. It doesn’t end here; loads more are still awaiting!

You also get a chance for souvenir shopping and eventually end up on the premises of a non-touristy beach in Macao. It’s where you can unwind when sunbathing or enjoy a refreshing dip in the ocean before you feast upon the salivation-worthy Dominican meal. Later, the tour will take you through the top DR tourist attractions featuring picturesque landscapes

This tour is a must for those who want to explore DR in the real meaning and don’t want to partake in those group tours, too.

Source: @jeepsafaripuntacana

Wrapping Up

We all know Punta Cana is known for its lively water sports culture, scenic white sand beaches, turquoise water, and worldly famous all-inclusive resorts. But have you ever thought of going a bit off the road toward the non-touristy side of this alluring town? If not, then why not? Read this article until the end to get to know how you can explore most of Punta Cana’s rural life through the Jeep Safari Punta Cana tour. We have explained everything from what the tours include, how much they cost, what to expect from them, and much more. You will surely find this piece of information worth reading!

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