What Is the Currency in Dominican Republic?

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the most visited Caribbean country, known for being a dream destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. It’s where you will find striking beaches, picture-perfect landscapes, adventurous water sports, culture, and worth visiting historical landmarks. 

Every year, more than six million visitors travel to this stunning destination to spend worth-memorable time. If you are also planning an excursion to the Dominican Republic and browsing for the answer to the question, what is the currency in Dominican Republic? Luckily, you are in the right spot! 

Stick to this article as we take you through everything you should know about the currency used in the Dominican Republic and more. 

The Currency in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic has its local currency, i.e., the Dominican Peso comprises hundred cents. You will find coins of 25 and 50 cents which are rarely used. However, coins of one and five pesos are common. Coming to notes, Piso can be found as ten, twenty, fifty, five hundred, two thousand notes, and one thousand. 

Several establishments accept US dollars and euros. At some places, Canadian dollars can also be accepted. You can exchange Euros and US Dollars into Pesos at exchange houses and local banks. Prefer withdrawing cash inside a shopping center, bank, or supermarket instead of street ATMs.

Although US dollars and euros are two different currencies, local quote euros are the same as US dollars. However, we suggest bringing US dollars instead of euros. 

Tip: Prefer exchanging smaller amounts as sometimes, it becomes really difficult to exchange pesos back into your previous currency. 

Are Traveler’s Checks and Credit Cards Accepted in DR?

Most of the establishments accept credit cards and traveler’s checks. When using cards, be very careful to avoid getting scammed. It’s because identity thefts and credit card cloning are quite common in the Dominican Republic. Be sure that your card remains within your sight when handed over for payment. A more preferred way is to pay in cash.

How Much Do Some Services Cost In the Dominican Republic?

After learning about the answer to what is the currency in Dominican Republic, you might wonder how much money you should take along on your DR excursion. If that’s the case, read this section to estimate what different services will cost and plan accordingly. 

Note: This data was collected from Punta Cana, the top attraction in the Dominican Republic!

Dining Expenditures

The Dominican Republic is lined with several restaurants and other gastronomical places. Here, you will come across several scrumptious dishes representing the DR culture in the best way possible. 

Of all, sancocho is the most popular and worth drooling over a dish featuring the goodness of cassava, beef, plantains, and potatoes. It costs no more than four dollars or 200 Dominican Pesos. 

A beer in the bar will cost around four dollars, a hamburger will cost six dollars, and a coffee will cost three dollars. Entirely dependent on the type of restaurant and menu you choose, the menu price can vary between eighteen and twenty dollars. 

Source: @ajoyoregano

Transport Cost

In the Dominican Republic, you will find lots of transportation means to choose from, from buses and taxis to planes and ferries. Moreover, you can even rent a car if you are 21 years old and have a driving license. Car rentals will charge you around sixty dollars for it. 

You can opt to rent a motorcycle taxi which costs less than two dollars. When taking a taxi from the airport to downtown Santo Domingo, expect to pay between forty-four and fifty dollars. 

If you are using the bus as your means of transportation mean, you can explore the city for one dollar. However, a top-notch bus will charge you seven dollars. 

Entertainment Expenditures

Expect a cinema ticket to cost you around five dollars, and a museum ticket will charge around three dollars. You can access and explore some Dominican Republic tourist attractions free of cost. Several lavish resorts and hotels also offer entertainment services like spas. 

Coins of the Dominican Republic. Dominican national coat of arms depicted in the Dominican one peso coins.

Tips for Using Money in the Dominican Republic

Although most tourists prefer using US dollars or euros when in the Dominican Republic, we suggest using pesos to get goods at better prices. Hop on below for more money-saving tips!

Prefer Traveling with American Dollars

The most preferred foreign currency to use in the Dominican Republic is American dollars. Where this currency will be easy to exchange, it can also be conveniently used to access different services and make purchases. 

Skip Using Taxis

In the Dominican Republic, taxis are considered the most expensive transportation means. However, skip using it. You can opt for clinging onto a “motor” or squeezing into a “guagua”. If you don’t feel comfortable in them, Uber is your best bet! If, in some situations, you get to take a cab, ensure to negotiate the fare before getting in.

Stay in Airbnb

For more affordable lodging, prefer staying in Airbnb instead of lavish resorts or hotels. You will find several Airbnbs to rent in DR; most of these are equipped with beautiful furniture and have all the amenities one needs. These will cost around thirty US dollars; it’s cheaper than a single bed in an 8-bedroom hostel dorm. 

If you plan to stay longer, expect to pay between three hundred to six hundred US dollars per month. The fare also depends on the location where you have settled. 


Hotels and resort rooms, and several lodges and Airbnb have built-in kitchens that enable you to prepare your meal. A self-catering traveler can expect to spend as little as fifty US dollars per week. However, it doesn’t mean you should skip feasting in restaurants. Do taste authentic Dominican Republic cuisine. 

Keep Track of the Money You are Spending

Another important tip to save money is to keep track of your spending. It can be conveniently done if your bank or card has a mobile app. Whatever you will spend, the app will show it right away in your own currency. 

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have explained a detailed answer to what is the currency in Dominican Republic. Moreover, we have shed light on different currencies used in DR, several tips for using money, and the cost you should expect to pay for different services. This piece of information is worth reading for those planning a DR tour or expecting to plan in the future.

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