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The Dominican Republic is the destination that receives the most attention from visitors to the Caribbean. That is why its beautiful lands await you with open doors and the requirements are few. In fact, in most cases you don’t need a visa, the documents to travel are easy to manage.

First of all, you will need a passport valid for six months once you enter the Dominican Republic. You must have the E-Ticket, this is a Traveler’s Health Affidavit, once you have it, print the form or save the QR.

Remember to have a lodging address of the hotel or apartment where you will stay the first days of your trip to the island. Also bring your tourist card that is usually purchased with the airline ticket, this is a tax for visitors.

The other 3 requirements it is advisable to obtain them in advance:

If you have been to Brazil before going to the Dominican Republic, you will be asked for the International Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination.

What To Wear For Your Dominican Republic Vacation

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Cost of Living In Dominican Republic In Us Dollars

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Food Poisoning In Dominican Republic

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Dominican Republic

What Is the Currency in Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is the most visited Caribbean country, known for being a dream destination for beach lovers and water sports enthusiasts. It’s where you will find striking beaches, picture-perfect landscapes, adventurous water sports, culture, and worth visiting historical landmarks.  Every year, more than
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Best time to visit Dominican Republic (and when to avoid it!)

Best time to visit Dominican Republic (and when to avoid it!)

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Tipping in Dominican Republic: Everything you need to know

Tipping in Dominican Republic: Everything you need to know

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Time to Visit the Dominican Republic

What’s the Best Time to Visit the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic, commonly known as DR, is a beautiful Caribbean country. It’s world-famous for the charm it holds in its scenic landscapes, worth visiting picturesque beaches, and lavish all-inclusive resorts and golf courses. This wonderland is a dream destination for tourists from around
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Voltage In Dominican Republic

I was fortunate to visit the Dominican Republic a few months ago and had an incredible time! The country is stunning, and the people are so friendly. I highly recommend visiting the Dominican Republic to anyone looking for a fantastic vacation spot. The voltage
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