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The Dominican Republic is filled with exceptional beaches and excellent resorts people love visiting. However, many people do not know that the island hides some secret sights and adventure spots that can only be experienced when you hike through them.

So, if you are willing to unveil the true beauty this country holds as worth seeing, here are all the best hikes in the Dominican Republic that you should explore.

What are the Best Hikes in the Dominican Republic?

The island is filled with beautiful waterfalls, pristine beaches, and trails yet to be discovered. If you are visiting the country and do not mind hiking for a bit, we suggest you take up the best hikes in the Dominican Republic.

Want to know what these are? Worry not because we have concluded some of the best trails for you.

1. Cueva de la Virgen

While the Cueva de la Virgen site is famous for its exceptional coastline and breathtaking hike, it is famous for its legend too.

It is said that the spirit of La Ciguapa, the titular virgin of the site, still roams around and turns the visitors into stone. While this is a myth, and no stone statues have been found, the site offers the experience of one of the best hikes in the Dominican Republic.  

The area is filled with different species of fruits and fern treats, each labeled with its medicinal properties for visitors. Hikers will experience beautiful streams and small climbs along the path and a chance to hop in the natural pools and waterfalls. The site is one of the best family-friendly hikes to go on and hence should not be missed when visiting the island.

2. Montaña Redonda

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If mountainous regions are what you prefer to experience, then you should opt for the trail to Montana Redonda. The 800 ft. hike is somewhat steep yet straightforward to navigate despite the lack of signs. 

There is only one path leading up the trail, which opens up to a gorgeous panoramic view of the Cordillera Oriental rainforest. If you hike on a clear day, you’d be lucky to experience Samana’s shores and beaches along the rainforests.

However, while this surreal view makes people hike the 3.3 km up, one more thing sets Montana apart. What is it?

On the top, you will find the popular activities of sky-high swings, hammocks and teeter-totters that will make you feel like you’ve floated from the cliff’s edge. So, remember to partake in the activities and take pictures while up. 

3. Balneario La Plaza

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Is the hot weather in the Dominican Republic getting to you? Then it is time to make a 3 hour round trip to Barahona in the southwest of the island. The Balneario la Plaza in Barahona is the home to a crystal clear swimming hole in a mountain region.

The hike will be steep, along with some rocky streams and rivers. Hence, when traveling to go up there, wearing proper shoes and taking a guide along with you is essential.

The best trip to make up for this swimming hole is with a tour guide or a trip company that takes people in a group. This is because the area is unmarked, so hiking alone can be confusing.

4. Pico Duarte

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The Pico Duarte is one of the highest and slightly tricky hiking trails in the Dominican Republic. The trail takes a little effort to hike through, and one should ensure to wear good footwear.

The mountain stands at the height of 10000 ft., and despite being the highest and among the most challenging hikes to partake in, its end views make it so much worth the effort.

The hiking trails can be accessed through five different routes, and each route has its own set of gorgeous rivers, streams and sights. However, it would help if you made sure before setting off on the hike to hire a guide to help you along the way. This is because the routes of Pico Duarte are uncharted; hence, a guide will help you find the proper way up.

5. Dunas de Baní

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Have you had too much of the tropical landscape and want a different scenery to experience? Well, worry not because the Dominican Republic is the only place to offer you a dune desert amid the tropical Caribbean island.

Lying in the National Park of Las Calderas Peninsula, the Dunas de Bani is a sandy dune composed of quartz and feldspar from the Nizao River and Bahia Stream.

This part of the island is also filled with immense flora and fauna, and hikers will experience wildlife and plantations popular in the region. However, what needs to be kept in mind is that this area of the Dominican is scorching and it is essential to carry a hat and drinking water. Do wear sunscreen too.

The top of the hike will open the view to one of the most exceptional and wildest beaches in the entire DR. While you cannot swim in the exciting currents of this beach, resting at the site and soaking in the beauty it holds is always on the list.

6. Playa Ermitaño

Another beautiful beach hike in the Dominican is the Ermitaño, located in the Samaná Peninsula. The beach is slightly remote and is reachable by boat ride. The hike to the destination is exciting and a great adventure to partake in a while on the island. With vegetative plantations, tropical fruits and a serene view, the hiking is worth every step you take, and the astounding scenic beauty it offers is proof of it.


Experiencing the gorgeous views on foot is always a great idea. So, be sure to explore the best hikes in the Dominican Republic. There are other places where you can hike like Sierra Prieta in Sanchéz Ramírez (a set of enormous mountains) or Sabana Grande de Boyá in Monte Plata (with routes that will leave you in front of wonderful waterfalls).

Don’t forget that there are many places where you can live extraordinary experiences in Dominican Republic. Wanting to get more in touch with nature? Enjoy the natural paradise of Bahía de las Aguilas in Pedernales! Are you interested in historical ruins? Go to the archeological site of La Vega Vieja!

We hope this article was sufficient to guide you through all the best trails in the Dominican. If you are planning to visit the country, be sure to take a trip down one of these trails.

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