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Going Party Boat Punta Cana!

Dominican Republic

Punta Cana is famous worldwide for a plethora of reasons; beautiful white sand beaches and breathtaking sceneries. It’s located on the easternmost tip of the Dominican Republic. It’s also known by the name Coconut Coast for its long stretch of white sand beaches. 

This place has so much to offer its visitors, and it is worth being ranked as one of the most tourist-friendly destinations of the Dominican Republic. You can either spend time playing different water sports or have fun exploring the charm of the island. In short, you will find it challenging to decide what to skip or what to not!

Out of all the beach activities, surfing, parasailing, snorkeling, fishing, and more, the most joyful one is to go for a party boat Punta Cana on a catamaran tour! It’s the main attraction for most tourists visiting this dream destination.  

This article features every info about the party boat Punta Cana, from how much it costs and why you should go for it to what you should expect from this worth memorable experience. Let’s dive in to explore more about this exotic activity!

How to Make the Most of Your Party boat Punta Cana Experience?

Want to know how to make the most of your party boat Punta Cana experience? Book a private catamaran tour! Several tour services offer charter tours along with snorkeling. These tours are ideal whether you want to celebrate a birthday or wedding or spend precious moments with your family and friends. 

If you have chosen a top-notch service, you will get control over the customization of the tour the way you like. You can personalize music, the spots where you want to stop and spend time, and more. If you are a resident planning to host an event in a party boat Punta Cana, inform your tour organizer beforehand.

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How Much Does It Cost, and Is There Any Guest Capacity Limit?

Party cost chiefly depends on the number of guests, how long you want your tour to last, and the vessel you have chosen. However, this is why different party boat tours’ cost varies. Generally speaking, you should expect to spend $450 or more. For an accurate price quote, get in touch with the tour organizer.

The size of the vessel determines the guest’s capacity. A smaller vessel can accommodate 2 to 6 guests; however, some may accommodate up to ten. Book the medium vessel for a group of 2 to 25 people, and for around 100 people, you must book for large vessels.  

What Do Most of the Tour Packages Include?

Most of the top-notch tour packages include several amenities, like:

  • Hotel pickup and drop off
  • Life jackets
  • Snorkel and gears
  • Animation on board, music for dance
  • Onboard restroom
  • Bottled water and sodas
  • Nachos and sauces
  • Tropical fruit

When organizing a private tour, you can ask your tour organizer for the drinks and food menu of your choice. Some even offer gourmet menus to meet your needs. 

Why Should You Go for Party Boat Punta Cana?

Going for a party boat Punta Cana is the best way to explore the coast’s beauty and marine life. Imagine enjoying a day out with family or friends on a party boat when immersing yourself in the spectacular vistas of the surrounding. It’s undoubtedly a fantastic experience!

Moreover, as the tours include a snorkeling stop, you can dive in, swimming like a fish among fishes. Aah, it’s truly worth it! 

Source: @barco.ok

What Should You Take Along?

You must take along a swimming suit, insect repellent, towel, and sunscreen, as the Caribbean sun is too harsh in giving a sunburn and tan. Moreover, you should prefer to wear comfortable clothes and sandals to ensure nothing can stop you from making the most of your tour!

What to Expect from Party Boat Punta Cana?

When booking catamaran tours, most people look for the party boat Punta Cana. Here we will explain what a party boat Punta Cana experience is like and what you should expect. 

The tour begins when you get picked up from your all-inclusive resort. From there, you will be shuttled to the spot, i.e., Bibijagua, Corales, or Cortecito, from where the catamaran is leaving. You might have to wait until all the group members join. 

Have all the members arrived? It’s time to board your catamaran! When heading toward the ocean, you can witness impressive vistas of Punta Cana’s white sand beaches, tall coconut palm trees, and lavish all-inclusive resorts and breath in the fresh Caribbean breeze. 

The first stop is for snorkeling; this stop is on a small reef where you get equipped with your snorkeling equipment and Get, Set, and Dive! When exploring the underwater world and encountering several vibrant colored fish species, you will enjoy the most. 

Right when you hop back inside your boat, the party begins! Alcohol begins flowing in the open bar, and music will surely leave you dancing to the beat. 

The next stop is a natural swimming pool between Cabeza de Toro and Bavaro Beach. It is undoubtedly an exotic experience! You get to stand in water just waist deep and enjoy when sipping on drinks and dancing. As all party boat organizers have this spot as a must-stop; however, expect to get stuck with a huge crowd here. What’s most interesting is being served drinks on beautiful floating devices.

This stop is usually an hour long. On your way back, your boat crew will indulge you in multiple fun games and maybe dancing contests. To conclude, the entire experience is worth unforgettable! 

These tours are mostly around 2.5 to 3 hours. Including the hotel pickup and drop off; expect the tour to take around 3 to 4.5 hours. 

Source: @barco.ok

Wrapping Up

Going to party boat Punta Cana is an exotic activity for most tourists, and it is undoubtedly worth being listed among the best-of-the-best things to do in Punta Cana. 

That was all about the party boat Punta Cana experience you can enjoy when on a catamaran tour. We have described everything you should know about the experience. Hope you find this article worth reading.

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