Christmas In Dominican Republic: How They Celebrate?

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful Caribbean country rich in culture and life. Locals and tourists experience its unique Christmas celebration every year, showcasing the best of this vibrant nation. From festive decorations to delicious traditional dishes, the Dominican Republic knows how to get into the holiday spirit!

A Big Celebration

First and foremost, the holiday season in the Dominican Republic is one of the longest celebrations in the world. It typically lasts from early December to early January, sometimes even longer. This time is when families and friends get together to celebrate, and people of all ages enjoy special holiday foods and drinks.

The Christmas season in the Dominican Republic lasts for three months, beginning in October and ending in January. Dominicans are passionate about Christmas and love sharing their culture with visitors. During this time of year, you can expect lots of festive decorations, traditional Dominican Christmas music, and delicious food.

The holidays are a special time for family, food, and giving thanks. When you come to the Dominican Republic during this time, you’re guaranteed to be treated like family. You’ll enjoy delicious traditional foods and festive celebrations with loved ones. This is a truly wonderful time to visit the Dominican Republic and create memories that will last a lifetime.


One of the most beautiful sights in the Dominican Republic during the holidays is the glittering decoration of charamicos. These traditional dried corn husks are often used to make garlands or other decorative items. They can be sold in many markets and shops around the country.

Charamicos are Dominican Christmas tradition trees. The wooden toys are handcrafted by artisans and designed with bright colors and intricate patterns. Charamicos are an important part of Dominican Christmas celebrations.

You’ll see them adorning front porches, lining city streets, and decorating town squares as you travel throughout the country during winter.

La Noche Buena (Christmas Eve)

The Dominican Republic has a unique take on the festive Christmas season – La Noche Buena! On December 24th, families and friends gather for a delicious feast called Cebsas to remember the birthday of baby Jesus on Christmas day. Cebsas typically consist of meat, rice dishes, roast pork and beans, potato salad, and fried plantains. They are served with a special type of rum called Mama Juana.

This Christmas eve dinner is not typical. It often starts late, around 10 pm, and features foods such as noodles, roasted pork or chicken, and Russian salad.

Traditional Dominican Christmas decorations such as tinsel, Flores de Pascua, Christmas flowers, secret Santa Claus figurines, and nativity scenes are displayed across the country to remember the season’s true meaning. The Christmas season is when family and friends come together to celebrate. These decorations are a reminder of the holiday’s roots and what it is truly about.

Additionally, neighbors often come together in large groups to enjoy a fireworks display and solidify their Christmas spirit during La Noche Buena.

Families usually gather at relatives’ homes before heading to church services later that night; musical holiday concerts with brass bands are also found all over the country. All this is why Christmas in the Dominican Republic is an exciting experience everyone should try at least once.

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Fuegos Artificiales (Fireworks)

The skies in the Dominican Republic are regularly lit up during the holiday season because of all the fireworks set off during this time. It is a tradition for families to set off fireworks on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

In the Dominican Republic, fireworks are a huge tradition. Breathtaking and thrilling displays can be seen in many cities and beaches.

One great way to celebrate the holidays is by setting up some festive displays! This is a great way to show your holiday spirit and will help get everyone into the holiday mood. Plus, it’s a great excuse to buy some new decorations!

A great way to celebrate the holidays is by setting up fun and festive displays! However, it’s always best to leave the displays to the professionals for safety reasons. That way, you can avoid any accidents or injuries that might occur.

Un Angelito

Gift-giving is an important part of Christmas in the Dominican Republic. Here, traditional gift-giving is known as “Un Angelito” (A Little Angel). On Christmas holidays, children hang their stockings by the fireplace or on the bedpost in hopes that Un Angelito will fill them with presents overnight.

The way it works is that each participant’s name is placed in a sack. Then, everyone takes turns reaching into the sack and randomly selecting a name. Whoever name you select, you are tasked with anonymously giving them a gift.

After choosing your own Angelito, you will pick names from the sack until only one remains. That final person’s name will be your Guardian Angel for the year. If you’re looking for a way to make someone’s day regular, consider being an anonymous gift-giver!

Every week, you can leave a small present for your “Angelito” (the recipient of the gifts) with a note letting them know that somebody cares about them. At the end of the gift-giving period, you can reveal yourself to your Angelito and enjoy seeing the happiness that you’ve brought about!


Holiday festivities in the Dominican Republic are an extravaganza of sights, smells, and sounds, with one of the highlights being Aguinaldos.

This traditional practice – part Christmas carols singing and part gift giving – takes place from mid-December through to Three Kings Day at the beginning of January. On each day of Christmas, family and neighbors go door-to-door, belting out Spanish verses and singing joyous Christmas songs that sweep everyone up in their enthusiasm.

In return for the vibrant performance, visitors who come knocking receive food, drinks, or money as symbols of appreciation for their singing efforts.

Similarly, members of families exchange gifts amongst themselves but especially children get spoiled with huge surprises!

Many find that this spirit of contagious joy creates lifelong memories during Christmas time in the Dominican Republic.

Source: @circo_canas


For those looking to participate in some more spiritual festivities during the holidays, churches across the country offer masses for attendees to attend throughout December 25th until January 6th – Epiphany Day – when gifts are exchanged among family members to commemorate Jesus Christ’s journey from Bethlehem to Egypt as told by scripture.

With so much going on during this special time of year but it’s no wonder why so many people choose to visit or even take up residence in the Dominican Republic during Christmas traditions! The vibrant culture, welcoming people, and unique experiences make it one of the best places worldwide to celebrate this joyous holiday season!

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