Parasailing Punta Cana: Tips for an Unforgettable Experience

The Dominican Republic is a dream destination for tourists around the globe. Its popularity among tourists can be attributed to the experience of parasailing Punta Cana, the fascinating history of Santo Domingo, the colonial vestiges of Puerto Plata, the adventures of Jarabacoa, and more. 

Undoubtedly, Punta Cana makes the second most exotic destination of the Dominican Republic, after Santo Domingo. It’s utterly famous for its white sand beaches, adventurous watersport tours, striking tourist attractions, and historical landmarks. 

Where Punta Cana is well-known for Snorkeling, Fishing, and more, it’s also renowned for Parasailing! In this article, we have compiled everything you need to know to enjoy an unforgettable experience of parasailing Punta Cana. Hop on below to learn more! 

Is It Safe to Go Parasailing Punta Cana?

Witnessing the parachutes at an impressive height from the sea, from offshore, may seem like this activity is quite risky and adventurous. Isn’t it feel the same? But surely it isn’t!

If you are wondering if it is safe to go parasailing Punta Cana hear us shouting YES! It’s totally safe to enjoy parasailing on the premises of Punta Cana; though there can be risks, by ensuring safety measures, these can be eliminated. 

Here are some of the safety measures that all of the parasailing Punta Cana organizers are bound to follow:

  • Provide Life Jackets – No matter if the launching and landing are dry, every parasailer should wear a life jacket to ensure extra protection. Moreover, proper inspection of equipment must be ensured. 
  • Check for Right Weather Conditions – Check for the right weather conditions, as it’s necessary for a safe and successful flight.
  • Hire Well-Trained Staff – The staff must be highly trained in using the parasailing equipment and ensuring the safety of the parasailer. 
  • Use Latest Technology – use winching method for parasailing, as beach landing is quite risky. You get better control over launching and reeling back in the former method.

What to Wear When Going for Parasailing Punta Cana?

When flying around 100 meters above the sea, you will surely find the temperature colder, but don’t underestimate the sun, as it will shine even brighter than on the land. However, we suggest not to skip wearing sunscreen when going parasailing.  

When deciding on clothing, keep in mind that you have to be strapped into tight harnesses. Prefer wearing shorts that cover your legs a bit. Moreover, your clothing should be lightweight and quick-drying. 

Are you planning to capture the striking views when parasailing? You can carry a waterproof camera along, but don’t carry it in your hands because, at times, the wind becomes too harsh, and there are likely chances that you will drop your pretty expensive gadget. 

What to Avoid Wearing?

Whether you are going parasailing or any other sport activity, you should not wear cotton clothing like jeans that weigh heavy on getting wet. These will surely make your experience uncomfortable. Also, skip wearing baggy clothing that can interfere with the clips and buckles of harnesses. 

In addition, do not wear unsecured items, like glasses without straps, flip flops, loose-fitting hats, or any expensive item like jewels or hearing aids. Also, avoid carrying your cell phone in your hands. Instead, get a waterproof mobile phone pouch that can be secured to your life jacket with its strap. 

How Much Parasailing Punta Cana Costs?

The cost varies depending on the company you are booking with. However, expect the parasailing Punta Cana to charge you around US $55-60, on average. 

The package several companies offer includes hotel pickup and drop off, transport by bus and speed boat, parasailing, an English guide, and often a cold drink; all you need to hook yourself in the worth-memorable parasailing Punta Cana experience! 

What Parasailing Punta Cana is Like?

It’s like flying in heaven! Imagine yourself at an impressive height of about 150 feet, surrounded by picturesque vistas of Punta Cana with the Caribbean ocean under your feet. It’s truly an unforgettable experience! 

The trained staff will strap you into the harness, attaching you to the parachute, and that’s it! It’s time to launch! You will find yourself immersed in the beauty of white sand beaches, crystal clear turquoise water, and tall palm trees when going up and up. 

When landing back, you will surely crave to spend some more moments in the air, flying like a bird and enjoying the 360-degree panoramic views of the island. 

Besides this exotic experience, you will find riding the speed boat adventurous. Most tourists fret about rising the speed boat more than the parasailing flight. With water splashing you, you will fret about falling out of the boat, but with life jackets on, you can bravely fight the fear!

There are other places where you can enjoy the views of the island with parasailing. One of them that will leave you breathless is Round Mountain.

Source: @loweekendpaella

Tips for an Exotic Experience of Parasailing Punta Cana

Here we have listed some tips that will surely help you enjoy an exotic experience of parasailing. 


Do not go parasailing in rough weather or rain. Moreover, skip parasailing in string wind, i.e., more than 15mph; otherwise, you will surely end up with an emergency landing.  

Check If the Equipment Are Well-Maintained

Double-check if the equipment is well maintained; never hire service with worn-out or old equipment. Especially the tow rope must be in good condition to ensure safe parasailing. 

Age Limit

Most parasailing services have an age limit of eight years. Keep in mind that basic physical and communication skills are required for dealing with any emergency. However, young children should refrain from trying this. 

Ensure-Pre-Flight Security

If you have chosen a top-notch and responsible parasailing service, its team will guide you about the safety measures and risks included in parasailing and the proper use of parasailing equipment. Moreover, you will receive detailed instructions about life-saving techniques in case any equipment faces failure during flight or you get stuck with strong wind. 

In addition, such services also provide hand signs that you can wave to finish your parasailing for any reason. 

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have summarized all the info about Parasailing Punta Cana. We have explained everything from whether it is safe, what you should wear, and how much it costs to tips for a safe and exotic parasailing experience. Hope you find it helpful!

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