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Casabe is part of a whole variety of Creole recipes that represent the gastronomy of the beautiful Dominican Republic. The crunchy texture of this bread is a benchmark for its flavor and versatility because it is accompanied with different preparations.

Learn more about this Dominican toasted bread, let’s see how to prepare it and serve it at your table or on a day at the beach. Let’s get started!

What is the Dominican Casabe?

Casabe (Cassava Bread) is a very thin unleavened bread that is made in a circular shape resulting in a crunchy texture. It is made with cassava or cassava flour as in pre-Columbian times, remaining until today.

Being a type of bread, it works wonderfully with meats and stews or to accompany a delicious Dominican sancocho. On the shore of the beach it is usually the quintessential outline of a fresh fried fish or ceviche.

Dominican Casabe (Cassava Bread) recipe

Bringing a delicious Dominican Casabe to your kitchen does not require complicated processes. The star ingredient is cassava, so it will be the first thing we should have in the kitchen.Without further ado, let’s get down to work (or apron) and start with the recipe and preparation of the cassava .


  • 500 grams of cassava.
  • If you want to add more flavor, add salt or garlic.

Materials and utensils :

  • Dish towel.
  • Grate with fine cut.

Dominican Casabe preparation

The first step is to grate the cassava once it is clean and peeled, then squeeze it with the cloth. In this way, all the liquid it has is extracted, we do not need it in the preparation. The drier it is, the better it will be.

The second step is to distribute the cassava on a tray so that it is well spread out and leave it in the fridge. We will leave it for about 4 hours, at intervals of time it must be removed so that it becomes firm. The consistency we want is similar to that of grated Parmesan cheese.

The third step is to take it to the fire. In a very hot frying pan we are incorporating portions of cassava. The idea is to make a thin layer and remove any lumps that may have formed.

Wait until it is toasted on one side to flip and make it golden on both sides. It should not be flexible, let it cook for as long as necessary on both surfaces of the cassava. Note : to add flavor to the cassava add the garlic and salt before cooking in the pan. Oil is also added with the spices you want to add to season to taste.

What is the Dominican Casabe served with?

In the Dominican Republic there are several accompaniments that go along with the cassava from the Caribbean lands. The mambá is one of these options, the native peanut butter from the DR or the dulce de habichuelas with milk .

For palates that prefer salty flavors, we recommend that you accompany your cassava with these ideas:

  • For breakfast, they serve the cassava with coffee.
  • It is the perfect companion for pork rinds.
  • Serve it with a Dominican sancocho.
  • In your light avocado salad dinner, cassava is that crunchy and healthy touch that combines wonderfully.

Either with your favorite stews or with hot chocolate, cassava suits all tastes.

Source: @lasmasitasdedonaluz_ec

Benefits of the Dominican Casabe

In addition to being delicious, this bread has several health benefits , keep this in mind when you are looking for healthy alternatives:

1. Suitable for coeliacs

Casabe is made with cassava and is gluten-free , which means that people with celiac disease can consume it without problems. Gluten is a protein found in certain grains that can cause inflammation and discomfort. It is known as Celiac Disease (CD).

2. Contains vitamin B

Vitamin B helps speed up metabolism, allows the body to get energy from food. Consuming cassava is essential for people seeking to lose weight or protect their metabolism .

It is recommended in the diet of people prone to diabetes, as it can help fight it.

3. Provides fiber

Continuing with the previous point, this cassava bread is rich in fiber and is beneficial for the intestine. It also provides necessary carbohydrates if you exercise and seek to strengthen your body.

Although it helps to lose weight, it also allows us to stay strong in burning calories.

4. Control cholesterol levels

Casabe helps lower cholesterol levels , while HDL cholesterol can increase. It is also an ally for the prevention of colon cancer. In addition to tasty, it is noble in terms of health to maintain adequate nutrition.

If you follow the diet provided by your nutritionist, ask about the possibilities of consuming it in your daily menu. This will indicate the recommended portions in your diet.

Source: @guaraguano

Where to buy Casabe in the Dominican Republic?

In the Caribbean country you will find Casabe in different stores and businesses depending on the area where you are located. The trade of this cassava bread is abundant, we will indicate how you can get the best Casabe in the DR :

1. Online at store you will find natural Casabe from the Guaraguanó Gourmet brand , a Dominican brand that offers natural products. The price is RD $225.00 for the packaging with 11 oz. This Casabe is gluten free and rich in fiber , it is a Casabe made following the original recipe. From the online store platform you can add the product to the cart, buying is very simple, find out the steps here .


2. Association of matchmakers La Santísima

ASOCASA is a Casabe processor with which they make Dominican Casabe and then distribute it in the country . In this factory you will see several types of Casabe:

  • Natural Casabe.
  • Gourmet type.
  • The extra fine Casabe.
  • Delicious Casabe with peanuts or jam, among other options.

The contact number is: +1 829-508-9987, they are located at Soltero Blanc #167 street, in the Dajabón province.

Source: @cdmlomadecabrera

Restaurants with the best Dominican Casabe

In many restaurants they serve dishes with Casabe, they include them to various recipes to adapt or complement. We will indicate restaurant options where you will eat a delicious Casabe along with tasty Dominican recipes.

1. Mauro´s

Located in Puerto Plata on Carretera Turística Gregorio Luperón street, it is a beautiful restaurant with a wide menu of pizzas. The Casabe is offered to take away , after eating ask for your Casabe to enjoy later.

Contact them at the phone number +1 829-755-3968 if you wish to inquire about the availability of the Dominican casabe.

Source: @maurospop

2. Mountain View Cafe at Casabito

It is a restaurant located in the middle of the mountains, you will discover the beauty of the landscape in a space full of nature. The restaurant is located in Bonao on the Casabito Km 7 highway.

At Mountain View Cafe at Casabito you will witness delicious pizzas with the base of Casabe instead of the dough. The flavor of the sauce, cheese and salami mix with the crunch of fresh Casabe. There is also the option of cassava bread tapas with chopped salad or a creamy guacamole.

Contact them at +1 829-523-2459 and make your reservation.

Source: @mountainviewcafe

3. La Portena

In La Porteña Casabe is delicious and is served as a high-quality garnish. If you order a specific dish, ask for it to be garnished with crispy Casabe, but you can order it to go.

Call the contact number +1 809-241-3113, open every day from 12 noon to 12 AM. If you are in Santiago de los Caballeros, Av. 27 de Febrero, you will find La Porteña by Banco Popular.

Source: @laportenard

History of the Dominican Casabe

The Dominican casabe comes from the passage of the Taínos through the Caribbean lands. Until the mid-70s, it was still prepared as it was done at the beginning with a rudimentary technique. The Casabe was ground to obtain a kind of flour that was later put on the fire on top of the stones.

The story goes that when Christopher Columbus arrived in the Dominican Republic, crispy bread already existed. Those who accompanied Columbus substituted the bread they used to make for Casabe, this kept longer. The colonizers’ voyages took between 5 and 7 months, the bread they made spoiled faster.

In the regions of Santiago Rodríguez and Monción, Casabe is produced in certain processors for its production. In the Dominican Republic there are several factories that make it, it is common to find it in stores to take home ready.


In a few steps you will have the Casabe on your table , in addition to having all the advantages that it gives us. When you walk the streets of the Dominican Republic, don’t forget to try the casabe criollo made with Dominican hands.

With just one ingredient you will transform your meals and you will obtain a thin bread full of virtues. Try it with your favorite dishes, cassava goes perfect with everything!

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