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Cayo Arena Paradise Island Tour- Fun Activities to Do!

Ever wondered what a Paradise would look like? Cayo Arena Paradise Island is the literal definition of paradise on earth. This is one of the most magical places in the Puerto Plata region of the Dominican Republic.

The Cayo Arena Paradise Island tour can be the most unique and mesmerizing experience someone can have. This Island is a small yet fascinating coral island in the middle of a crystal clear and blue ocean. It is a perfect place for people who love to participate in water activities and also enjoy being near nature.

How to Get to Cayo Arena Paradise Island?

When talking about the Cayo Arena Paradise Island tour, knowing how to get there quickly and comfortably is essential. After landing in the Dominican Republic, you must get a bus or car for a splendid journey towards Punta Rusia. Punta Rusia is a stunning and serene village on the coast of Puerto Plata. From Puerto, you can board a boat that will take you directly to the most magical and paradisical place in the entire world Cayo Arena Paradise Island.

Source: @cayoarenaoficial

Best Time to Go to Cayo Arena Paradise Island

Now, are you wondering what the best time to take an off from your office and book the tickets for Cayo Island is? Then the best time to go to this island is in June. If you are looking forward to great water activities, June is the right month. The water temperature is perfect for diving, snorkeling, and other activities during this time.

Fun Things to Do in Cayo Arena Paradise Island Tour

Cayo Arena, also called Paradise Island, is one of the most beautiful in the Dominican Republic. Not only is this place known for its view, but it is a place that will not bore you for even a minute. Here you can find many exciting things to do, so let’s jump into the article and learn all the fun things you can do here.

Source: @cayoarenaoficial

1. Snorkeling in the Land of Paradise:

Cayo Arena is home to many tropical fishes, and if you are a water sports enthusiast, this experience is must for you. Here you will find fish such as the Sergeant Fishes, Surgeon Fish, Angle Fish, Crabs, Octopus, Damsel Fish, Yellow Tail Snapper, and many different kinds of sponges and corals.

Snorkeling is the perfect way to discover underwater life and enter an entirely different universe. This is also the best way to capture all the beautiful marine life, so take a waterproof camera.

There are a lot of different places that offer snorkeling services to travelers. Other than this, the hotel you are staying in also has this activity to entertain you. Therefore, if you go to Cayo Arena Paradise Island, ensure you snorkel and enjoy the clear water.

Children participate in snorkeling activities at the Alexander Springs Recreation Area, Ocala National Forest, Florida. Original public domain image from Flickr

2. Diving in Cayo Arena Paradise Island:

Another fun activity that is super exciting and thrilling is diving in the pure water. There are a lot of local tour operators that give diving lessons around the stunning and colorful corals. There are two different kinds of classes, one for beginners and the other advanced one for people who are experienced. The beginners are taken in about 5m of water, whereas the experienced people are taken to 30m deep.

Another dive on this island is the Cabeza del Cayo. This is where you will find bigger marine fish and other animals. Here the current is also much stronger and faster, therefore if you are a person with some experience in diving then only you should go here.

The water bodies of Cayo Arena have some stunning coral formations and different kinds of squids. Therefore, this place is fantastic for sea lovers.

3. Boating:

If you prefer something other than diving and snorkeling, then going on the boat might be your cup of tea. There are a lot of tour guides who offer boating to travelers. So, hop on a nice boat with your family and enjoy the pleasant and cool weather of Cayo Arena. You can feast on scrumptious lunch, sip on local or international wine to enjoy your experience in the turquoise and crystal-clear water to the fullest!

Cayo Arena Paradise Island

4. Go to Punta Rucia:

When you go to a place surrounded by water, the first thought is, “can we go fishing?”. Cayo Island is one stop for all your water activities, and you can also go fishing over here. Punta Rucia, a small and picturesque village on the coast of Puerto Plata is considered one of the best spot for fishing here. It is also known as the fishing village of Cayo Island. Here you can stay in the most aesthetic-looking lodges, go fishing, and have the best time on Cayo Island.

Cayo Arena, Punta RuciaSource: @aventurascondaniel

5. Speed Boating:

If you want something more thrilling, go for speed boating on the Cayo Arena Paradise Island. Speed boating can be done at the Monte Cristi National Park, giving you a complete Cayo Arena Paradise Tour.

In the speed boat, you can enjoy the adrenaline rush, and also you can enjoy the mangroves of Monte Cristi National Park. This fun activity will make your trip to Cayo Arena more fun and exciting.

Source: @cayoarenaoficial

6. Parasailing:

Another fun activity to do in Cayo Arena Paradise Island is Parasailing. It is another action-packed activity that makes your feet jiggle with excitement. Many tour guides and companies also give this activity as an option on your tour. So, make sure to add it in your tour to enjoy exhilarating activity on the clear water of Cayo Island.


The Dominican Republic is a place that is packed with stunning beaches, and a lot of travelers come here to dive into the crystal clear and salty water and encounter the beautiful marine life.

Coya Arena is one of the gorgeous islands of the Dominican Republic. It is a stunning island home to the stunning water creatures, which you can encounter during several water-based activities. Here you can do a lot of fun and thrilling activities such as snorkeling, diving and many more. This article will help you in making the most of your Cayo Arena Paradise Island tour.

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