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Top 6 All-Inclusive Family Resorts in Punta Cana that Are Fun For Kids

waterparks in punta cana

Are you looking for a dreamy destination in the Caribbean for spending holidays with kids? Punta Cana must be your first choice! This beauty is lined with numerous striking beaches featuring bundles of waterfront resorts, restaurants, cafes, and more. 

Though the sand beaches hold their charms, the resort water parks are ideal fun places if you travel with kids. In this article, we have listed the six best waterparks in Punta Cana resorts that provide a plethora of fun activities to hook yourself in! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Nickelodeon Hotels & Resorts Punta Cana

First on the list is Nickelodeon Punta Cana! It’s the best-of-the-best kids’ special resort in Punta Cana. As the name suggests, this resort is located on the backside of the famous kid’s channel building, so expect to find most of your favorite Nickelodeon cartoon characters having fun in the resort. 

Besides all other amenities, the charm remains in the resort’s water park, i.e., Aqua Nick. It boasts spray tubes, splash pads, fountains, a lazy river, interconnected pools, winding waterslides, a canopied jungle gym, and the most loved activity; daily group slimming! In short, it’s a mini water world with lots and lots of fun activities to immerse yourself in. 

Besides this, your kids can also spend worth memorable time in character breakfasts and kids’ club. Yeah, you read it right! It’s all about kidding in this club.

Source: nickresortpuntacana

Majestic Elegance Punta Cana

The Majestic Elegance, Majestic Mirage, and the Majestic Colonia are all linked, making the Three Majestic Resorts of Punta Cana. Out of all, Majestic Elegance is the most alluring one, loaded with all the lavish amenities one could ask for! It’s worthy of being called a 5-star hotel.

These three resorts co-own an exotic Splash Kids Club featuring a fun pirate-themed waterpark. This waterpark in Punta Cana is chiefly for children between four and fourteen. This huge waterpark is home to a picture-perfect lighthouse, lush green forest, and luxury docks to give your kids a feel like they are presiding over their kingdom!

Moreover, you will also find several twisting slides and a shallow pool at the slides’ bottom for an instant adrenaline rush. 

Source: @majesticresorts

Grand Sirenis Punta Cana Resort

Grand Sirenis Punta Cana Resort is one of the expansive resorts featuring one of the spacious waterparks in Punta Cana. To your surprise, Sirenis Aquagames, the waterpark, is stretched over an area of 130000 square feet and is free for all visitors. What else does one need? 

It features everything from an ankle-deep lagoon and pirate-themed pool for young kids to vertical Kamikaze for the braver ones. Parents-fret not! The specially trained staff is there to monitor kids’ activities and ensure their safety. 

It doesn’t end at pools and Kamikaze; there are multi-lane speed slides, including the free fall twister, open toboggans, wrapping water tubes, a spinning bowl, and more. Younger kids can have fun with sprinklers, small slides, and splash barriers. 

Source: @grandsirenispuntacana

Barcelo Bavaro Palace

When discussing the best all-inclusive resorts with stunning waterparks in Punta Cana, how can we skip Barcelo Bavaro Palace? It’s indeed heaven for kids! This picturesque palace sits in the Bavaro Barcelo Grand Resort. Indeed, a lavish place to stay on a Punta Cana excursion. 

The park offers several activities for guests, like casino games and scuba diving, but wait; what’s the most joyful of all? Riding slides at the Barcy Water Park, the charm of this property! Not only slides, but you will also find spectacular castles and waterfalls that make a visit to this water park even more memorable. 

In addition, guests get access to another water park, the Pirate’s Island Water Park. This one is home to a plethora of slides, a wave pool, and more. 

waterparks in punta cana

Fantasia Bahia Principe Punta Cana

With castle-inspired décor, Fantasia Bahia Principe Punta Cana is like a piece of Disney Land in Punta Cana! If you have ever visited this resort, you will surely agree. Being part of the four beautiful resorts complex, Bahia Principe mega-complex, Fantasia owns its kids’ club, restaurants, mini-golf, gigantic pool with jetted tubes, and go-catering. In short, it’s all-in-all a mini world!

Fantasia’s waterpark is a place out of this world! Its castle theme, lively environment, shuttle service, and more add to the resort’s popularity, making it one of the best all-inclusive resorts with waterparks in Punta Cana. From soaking buckets, bridges, and sprayers to the turret and twisty slides, you get to have fun with everything.

Is your kid afraid of swimming in water or riding water slides? Don’t worry; this park has something to offer them too, which is the animation stuff; they can enjoy dancing, magic shows, circus performances, different fun games, and more. 

Source: @bahiaprincipehotels

Occidental Caribe

Last but not least, Occidental Caribe is a lavish resort adding to the charm of Punta Cana. It’s among the largest Punta Cana resorts featuring a lagoon-style pool – believe you will spend most of your time in this tranquil heaven! Located at a 20-minute drive from Punta Cana Airport, and you can get there using airport transfer. This beautiful water heaven is also known for its scrumptious meals, international and local beverages, wines, ad land sports. 

This property is linked with an alluring waterpark, where kids can have fun riding bumpy slides, twisting slides, baby slides, and more. The baby slides are there to ensure your little ones don’t feel left out when the others are having fun. Other attractions in this waterpark are a plethora of cascading stepped waterfalls, tropical-themed water features, and more. 

What adds to this resort’s popularity is its proximity to the famous Orange Beach; it’s just a 6-minute walk away. 

Source: @occidentalcaribe

Wrapping Up

Where Punta Cana is famous worldwide for its beaches; its waterparks are also well known for providing fun activities for kids to have a joyful time. Most of the all-inclusive resorts feature the best waterparks in Punta Cana. From Aqua Nick water park to Barcy Water Park to Sirenis Aquagames and more, each is worth going at.

This article features six best all-inclusive resorts with waterparks in Punta Cana, which are ideal to stay in if you are on tour with your kids. Hope you find this article helpful, there are more like this in Yourdominicanguide!

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