Things to see and do in Jarabacoa: Best places to visit

Known as “the city of eternal spring”, Jarabacoa is a tourist destination in the Dominican Republic that makes us think that beaches with crystal clear waters and a tropical climate are not the only things that this incredible Caribbean country offers us.

With an average temperature that oscillates between 16 and 22°C, Jarabacoa is located in a region with many fruit trees, strawberry plants and a wide variety of flowers. In addition, it is an attractive place for extreme and adventure sports.

If you are visiting the Dominican Alps, and want to get to know this spring dream city, stay and keep reading because we will tell you about the best things to do in Jarabacoa.

What else to know about Jarabacoa?

Jarabacoa is a municipality in the Dominican Republic, located 140 kilometers northwest of Santo Domingo, in the heart of the Central Cordillera. This region offers a different scenario for those who want to enjoy more than just beaches, sun and sand.

As a curious fact, its name is the result of the union of the words “Jaraba” and “Coa” which means “Land of Waters”. Although it does not have any beach, it does have numerous rivers and musical waterfalls worthy of paradise.

The city is crossed by three rivers, the Baiguate River, the Jimenoa River and the Yaque del Norte River, streams that descend from the mountains and that sports lovers can go down practicing rafting or canyoning.

So with so much aquatic variety, endless adventures and new experiences may come to mind. Not in vain, the Tainos considered this land as “Land of water sources”, located in the entire center of this tropical country.

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Tourist places to see and know in Jarabacoa

Here are some places to visit and exciting things to do. Do not miss it and take note!

La Confluencia Spa

This is a water park that is located just 10 minutes from the center of Jarabacoa. Its name is due to the confluence that occurs due to the union of the Yaque del Norte and Jimenoa rivers, forming small natural pools between the rocks.

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Jimenoa jump

It is a 75 meter high waterfall, considered one of the highest in the Caribbean. Here, experts advise swimming in the lower part. Although it is located on the main road, you must go down the ravine to enjoy its beauty. You can also go by taxi, or on foot, if you are used to long walks.

It has suspension bridges and various pools. Also, the water is quite cold and the currents are quite strong in places. To access the falls, tourists are required to pay a small entrance fee to maintain the suspension bridges that allow access to these beautiful waterfalls on the Jimenoa River.

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Excursion in Pico Duarte

This is a long and strenuous walk that is undertaken by prepared travelers in good physical condition, since it is a hike of more than 45 km in distance. The trek takes about 3 days round trip to reach the top of the summit.

However, the walk can also be done on horseback or by mule, which reduces the duration of this excursion. Reaching the finish line is an unforgettable experience!

Perfect for lovers of nature and adventure sports.

Baiguate jump

This is a waterfall that flows into the Baiguate River. Here, you can take a tour that includes adventures through the paths and forests of Jarabacoa, horseback riding, or walking under the falls (during the dry season), since in this waterfall you cannot swim, since the water is very deep. .

However, in the rainy season (May to August) the water level rises due to the rains and tourists can take a bath in the natural pools. In addition, the surrounding landscape is magnificent and you will love it.

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Jarabacoa Golf Club

It is a golf course that is located in the hills of Jarabacoa. In addition, it is unique in its structure and is part of the Quintas de Primaveras residential development. This golf course has different elevations with great challenges.

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God’s Hammock

Do you want to enjoy a gastronomic experience in the heights? Well, just 6 km south of the city center, diners can enjoy this eco-tourism complex in Jamaca de Dios at the restaurant “Aroma de la Montaña”

It is the first revolving restaurant in the Caribbean, which offers a spectacular 360° view while you enjoy the delicious menu of the region, such as the “Double Manabao” Presidential Grill or the “Flor de la montaña” ceviche.

In Jamaca de Dios we also find luxury hotels with spas and swimming pools, as well as a wide variety of water activities in the lagoon, hiking, tennis, basketball, and much more.

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What to do in Jarabacoa?

In Jarabacoa there are many activities that you can do and not get bored for a second. Here is a list of things to do during your stay:


You have the opportunity to do extreme sports, and move through the rapid canyons. It really is an activity full of adrenaline where you will visit places that many tourists do not dare to access. If you want to read more about this exciting experience, check our article about rafting and everything you need to know.


In Jarabacoa, you can have an adventure in the heights, and do paragliding while entering its rivers or great mountains, and all this under the supervision of the most qualified experts.

Horse ride


Jarabacoa is a place where ecotourism is practiced a lot, so it is a great opportunity to go horseback riding with the family all over the place.

Get to know the River Club

The River Club is located in the Cordillera right next to the Yaque del Norte River. Here, tourists can enjoy the river, and also have access to board games, billiards, ping pong, a diving pool, a swimming pool, a bar, and various menus. And of course, a view towards the mountains.

Source: @jarabacoariverclub1

Flower festivals in La Confluencia

If your trip is made in the month of June, it is a perfect occasion for you to visit the Festival of Flowers, an event that is held in the La Confluencia Ecological Park. In addition, each year is dedicated to a different theme.

Mountain biking

Jarabacoa is a good place to do mountain biking, and ride your bike until you reach the waterfalls or the Confluencia park, throughout the city. You will be surrounded by many green areas and you will be able to see the peaks of the Central Cordillera.

Enjoy a delicious meal at Puchos Mofongo

This typical Dominican food restaurant is a place where you will enjoy mofongos and their variety. It is a gastronomic meeting place very popular with travelers, and where you can taste the best local dishes.

Source: @puchorye


Without a doubt, visiting Jarabacoa radically changes our vision of the Dominican Republic, breaking down the stereotype of being only a paradise of exotic beaches.

Thus, Jarabacoa is a very popular tourist destination for those who want to find themselves in the middle of nature, escaping the tropical heat of the Dominican Republic coasts for a while, or to relax in a different natural environment.

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