Things to do in Pedernales: 7 Top Places for Ecotourism Lovers!

The province of Pedernales in the Dominican Republic has a beauty and calm like few in the world. It is also a paradise for ecotourism lovers, where explorers can enjoy giant cacti at the edges of the desert road, with spectacular views of the coasts with turquoise waters.

In addition to this, this area offers almost virgin natural beauties, since most of its reserves are protected sites. It is for this reason that, in recent years, many tourists have felt a great attraction to this region.

Why visit Pedernales in the Dominican Republic?

Pedernales is the furthest province of the Dominican Republic, in the extreme southwest, bordering the border with Haiti. This region has been away from the most massive tourist destinations, which is why it preserves the purest wild landscapes.

Therefore, by embarking on this adventure to the southwest of the island, you will be able to discover some of the less frequented and exclusive beaches of the region, but in a more meaningful and authentic way.

That is why more and more explorers take the opportunity to travel to Pedernales to discover its natural diversity and variety of plant and animal species, as well as the generosity, simplicity and hospitality of its inhabitants.

Regarding its historical value, Pedernales was not founded until 1927. However, from its beginnings it was inhabited by Spanish settlers. Today, it is a region with few roads, and a few hotels, most of which are eco-friendly.

However, upon arrival you will see that this adventure will be worth it, as you enjoy its unpolluted beaches, lagoons and unique panoramic views in the entire Dominican Republic. In addition, Pedernales is close to other natural paradises such as Hoyo de Pelempito and Bahía de Las Águilas, which we will talk about later.

In the province you will find other striking places such as Isla Alto Velo, the Oviedo Lagoon or the Jaragua National Park and its fascinating caves and underground rivers. Let yourself be enchanted by this region and organize your trip with Pedernales included! You will not regret.

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When is the best time to travel to Pedernales?

As in the entire Dominican Republic, the weather is usually good throughout the year, especially in the province of Pedernales.

However, the best time to travel to this region is between the months of December to April, since the temperatures are ideal for immersing yourself in the crystal clear and refreshing waters of the pools and the Caribbean Sea and, furthermore, rainfall is scarce.

Keep in mind that the months with the most rain are from August to October. If you don’t mind getting a little wet, then this won’t be a problem to enjoy an unforgettable vacation on the island of Hispaniola.

Top 7: Things to do in Pedernales

Now that you have more information about the province of Pedernales, below, you will find a list with the top places that you cannot miss if you decide to include this area in your travel itinerary.

Its nature in its pure state and spectacular landscapes will surprise you. Do not miss it!

1.Discover the beauty of Bahía de las Águilas and its spectacular beaches

We begin this list of the best things to do in Pedernales with Bahía de las Águilas. This beautiful 37 km long bay is located in the Parque de Jaragua. Its emerald waters and ivory-colored sand will not only be a lot of enjoyment, but also a perfect background setting for taking stunning photos.

It is currently considered the most beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic and in the Jaragua National Park (which we will talk about in later lines).

Although it is not possible to camp within this area, it is more than perfect for ecotourism, since it is possible to do various activities such as cycling, hiking, or taking a refreshing bath in the waters of its beaches taken from a postcard.

Instead of seeing places to eat or drink, you will find a great diversity of manatees, nesting hawksbill turtles, green iguanas, and many birds such as the ash dove and white-crowned dove.

The most surprising thing is that in this region hardly any changes in the lifestyle of wild species have been noticed, as it has remained a protected area. Did you know that it is part of the world network of UNESCO biosphere reserves?

In addition to this, you will see a large presence of corals, starfish and seagrass beds, so diving is also part of the experience. And it is that, during the exploration in the dry forest, the great variety of species, flora, and natural places will delight all your senses. Don’t stop enjoying this perfectly pristine beach!

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2.Explore the Hoyo de Pelempito and admire its exuberant vegetation

As its name indicates, it is a depression of land that reaches 700 meters below sea level, which is located in the western part of the Sierra de Bahoruco and only 32 km from the sea.

It is one of the most interesting natural places, because in this area of arid vegetation, it gradually transforms into a forest with abundant vegetation as if it were a magic trick. In addition, to get there it is necessary to cross the area called “Aceitilla”, which is about 1300 meters above sea level.

This wooded area is covered by lush tropical forests, with really high peaks, which reach 2600 meters above sea level. The hole was created from the collapse of a large coral bank, as well as a product of the tectonic movements of the faults.

In fact, that is why it gets the name Hoyo de Pelempito. On the other hand, you can get more information about this site at the visitor center, located on one of the edges of the moat, 1,165 m above sea level and which has been designed to blend in with the environment.

You can also join the park observatory to appreciate the Hole in all its magnificence. And it is also possible to admire this geological pit about 700 meters deep in the mountains of the Sierra de Bahoruco.

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3.See the diversity of aquatic species in the Oviedo Lagoon

Next to the Bahía de Las Águilas, the Laguna de Oviedo is one of the most attractive places in the Jaragua National Park. It is recommended to visit this lagoon in the month of August, since it is in this month when there is a greater presence of flamingos, beautiful pink creatures.

It should be noted that the walk to the Oviedo Lagoon is truly fascinating, as you will walk for about an hour through the lake’s dense mangroves, exploring the surrounding flora.

In fact, the organizers of the place receive so many reservations from tourists, it is necessary to call in advance to reserve your place. The well reaches a meter and a half deep, and contains around 24 islets, among which the most popular is Las Iguanas.

In addition to these charming flamingos and reptiles, the area is home to more than 60 different species of waterfowl, such as herons, as well as other endemic and protected species such as solenodons, hutias, 11 species of bats, and rare iguanas such as the rhinoceros iguana and the iguana. of Ricord.

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4.Observe the great diversity of species and the pictograms of the Indians in the Jaragua National Park

This wonderful park is located between the provinces of Barahona, Bahoruco and Pedernales. It is one of the most important nature reserves in the country, and one of the most protected. As we mentioned before, it is part of the first UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Its name is due to Cacique Xaragua, who was the governor of the area before the arrival of the Spanish settlers. In addition, within the park, the caves are famous where we find engravings in the rocks left by the Taíno Indians, its first settlers.

And not only that, this park also contains a wide variety of pre-Columbian archaeological sites. In fact, one of them dates back to 2590 BC. Regarding its geological formation, it has terraces and coastal plains.

In addition, it contains more than 130 species of birds, among which only 10 are native, so you will not be able to see them anywhere else in the world. If contemplating wildlife in the wild is one of your great passions, then in this park you can have a great time.

In fact, this park is also the most important reserve for solenodons and hutias, two endangered terrestrial species, as well as the Antillean manatee. It is also possible to find dolphins near Isla Alto Velo.

Among the vegetation that we can find inside the Jaragua National Park are mahogany, guaiac, grape and oak trees, as well as some cacti on the islets of its lagoons.

It is an ideal place for lovers of ecotourism thanks to the wonderful landscapes it offers and that will make those who are looking for a deeper connection with nature fall in love. On the other hand, the park also contains 3 natural pools whose waters come from underground rivers in an open cave and surrounded by huge rocks.

So, do not hesitate to go to the Jaragua National Park and visit the beautiful landscapes it contains, especially if you are traveling with the whole family, friends or partner!

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5.Take a refreshing dip in one of the beaches of Pedernales

The beaches of Pedernales are famous for offering unique characteristics to visitors. In fact, its sunsets are very beautiful and relaxing to disconnect from the stress of everyday life.

Thus, some of the most outstanding beaches we have: Playa El Can, Playa Mongo, Playa Blanca and Playa Pedernales, as well as the famous Cabo Rojo beach and those found in Las Águilas Bay.

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6.Enjoy Cabo Rojo beach and its aquatic diversity

Cabo is a beautiful white sand beach, whose name is due to the presence of bauxite in the area, and its dark reddish dirt paths. Currently, it is one of the most attractive beaches for national and international travelers, conquering its visitors with its sparkling views of the coast.

This beach also features emerald-colored waters, with some of the most well-kept and protected coral reefs in the Caribbean Sea, allowing for greater numbers of West Indian manatees and very young hawksbill turtles. In addition, you can take a boat ride to the Bahía de las Águilas, which are available every day for tourists.

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7.Los Cocos Wind Farm

To finish this list of the best things to do in Pedernales, be sure to visit the modern Los Cocos Wind Farm. It may not seem very interesting at first, but the truth is that many travelers stop in the area to take unique souvenir photos of Pedernales and the Dominican Republic.

We recommend you make your visit in the afternoon, because at these times of the day it is possible to capture beautiful contrasts of the blades of the wind turbines silhouetted against the orange sky. Finally, this site is good proof that its inhabitants want to modernize their country, while still enjoying the natural beauty that this small miniature continent offers us.

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Final words

Pedernales is a small paradise in the Caribbean. Its wildlife, exuberant beaches, lagoons, abundant vegetation, trails, and generous and enthusiastic inhabitants are more than powerful reasons to visit it.

In addition, it has one of the most important parks in the world, and one of the largest, an ideal destination for lovers of hiking and walks with dreamlike panoramic views. Don’t forget to include Pedernales in your next trip to the Dominican Republic and live a unique experience in this ecotourism destination!

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