Things to do in María Trinidad Sánchez: Beaches and vibrant natural settings!

The province of María Trinidad Sánchez of the Dominican Republic, is located on the north coast of the country, and contains one of the most important tourist jewels in the Caribbean: Nagua. In addition, it is a paradisiacal place that attracts thousands of tourists annually, mainly for its beautiful beaches and natural landscapes full of color and vibrant energy.

If you are ready to explore everything that María Trinidad Sánchez offers us, keep reading the information that we have prepared for you about the best things to do in this province. So prepare your bags and include the following activities in your travel plan for the Dominican Republic.

Why visit the province of María Trinidad Sánchez?

The province owes its name to an extraordinary female soldier who participated in the wars of independence, and who became the first woman to be imprisoned and executed by Pedro Santana, who was the Dominican annexationist president.

This territory was soon separated from the province of Samaná in September 1959 under the name of Julia Molina. However, 2 years later it was changed to its current name in honor of the famous national heroine of the country’s Independence.

In addition to its incredible history and role in the history of the nation, the province of María Trinidad Sánchez is also a small dream paradise for lovers of beaches, lagoons and mountains. And it is that this region has everything to enjoy unforgettable and very pleasant vacations full of joy and exotic colors.

In fact, it is home to some of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the Caribbean, such as Playa Grande, Playa Caletón and Playa Preciosa. In addition, one of its most popular lakes, “Lago Azul”, owes its name to its vibrant and imposing blue color, so characteristic and striking for travelers.

Here you will not only enjoy the warmth and beauty of its deep sky blue waters, but also capture powerful and magical images to share, as it is a unique setting that will remain etched in your memory.

Below, you will find all the information you need to know about the best tourist and natural attractions in María Trinidad Sánchez, as well as the best things to do in this magnificent province. Do not miss it!

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When is the best time to visit this majestic town?

In María Trinidad Sánchez, the most pleasant temperatures occur during the months of January and February. In this season, temperatures range between 23 and 26°C, and with less rainfall, which makes it perfect to enjoy its beautiful beaches, waterfalls, mountains, springs, and much more.

Top 6: What to see and what to do in the province of María Trinidad Sánchez?

If you have prepared your bags to visit the Dominican Republic, but you doubt about visiting the province of María Trinidad Sánchez, check out the following selection of things to do and places to visit in this vibrant tropical region of the Caribbean island:

1.Explore the surrounding town of Nagua

Nagua is perhaps the most famous and attractive municipality in the province of María Trinidad Sánchez, as it is one of the most beautiful towns, especially for its majestic beaches, which seduce with their soft, fine white sand, with coconut trees and clear waters. warm shades ranging from turquoise to deep blue.

It is a town with hospitable inhabitants that will make you feel in a cozy and relaxing place, but with a lot of excitement waiting on its crystalline beaches. It was originally named as “Julia Molina” in 1938, which was the name of the mother of the dictator of that time: Rafael Trujillo.

Shortly after his death from a gunshot, they changed their name to “Nagua” in 1961. The locals also call it “Boca de Nagua”, as it has many attractions for travelers, especially those who are passionate about ecotourism.

Among the most outstanding places that you cannot miss, whether you are a national or foreign tourist, are, for example, the Cabo Francés Viejo Natural Monument, the Dudú Cave or the Diamante Beach, which we will talk about in later lines.

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2.Dive into the warm waters of Playa Grande

Playa Grande is one of the most beautiful beaches in the entire Caribbean. Its fame simply transcends borders and cannot be missing from your travel itinerary, especially if you decide to tour the region on a road trip for one or more days.

Despite the fact that this beach is quite an experience for the family, it is not recommended for children, since it has strong waves and great depth, so you must be careful if you travel with the little ones to this beach or if you are a person with little experience in swimming.

This beach has several restaurants and places to eat traditional dishes with the best Dominican and Caribbean flavor. In fact, some of its most requested delicacies are fried fish, coconut accompanied with plantains or pigeon peas, which is a typical dish made with very rich rice.

As for what you need to have an excellent stay, Playa Grande has parking, sun lounger and umbrella rental, as well as diving equipment rental, shops to buy cream-colored sunglasses, bathing suits and souvenirs.

One of the reasons why this beach is so famous is because of the reddish color of its sand, and its warm turquoise waters.

Likewise, its views are impressive, so not only photographers will feel inspired, but also those who wish to enjoy a panorama full of life and color, with a natural decoration of palm trees, and white cliffs on its sides.

Without a doubt, it is a perfect beach to relax. We recommend you settle in the area furthest from the entrance, where you can relax much more, as it is also a very popular place for tourists.

On the other hand, it is an ideal place to practice water sports such as surfing or windsurfing, thanks to its big waves, as well as to relax in the sun while admiring the splendid views it offers of the coast.

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3.Explore and dive in the Dudú Lagoon

The Dudú Lagoon is the only natural site in the world where lovers of cave exploration (spelunkers) can move from one natural place to another while diving. Therefore, it is a real opportunity for those who are passionate about this activity.

La alguna is located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, very close to Playa Diamante, just 25 km from Nagua. It should be noted that Playa Diamante is another of the best beaches in the region, which translates into the possibility of learning more about this area.

However, the Dudú Lagoon is connected with another lagoon, as well as with the sea, although it is necessary to overcome some natural barriers, so access is not so direct. The Lagoon is 32 meters deep, and is bordered by a dense tropical forest, reaching to cover the hollows that surround it.

And its special character does not end here, because around the lagoon you will discover many caves with numerous formations of stalactites and stalagmites to observe the recordings left in the rocks by the ancient aborigines, who inhabited the island before the arrival of the Spanish. Its walls contain more than 30 meters of pre-Columbian art.

Its surroundings also offer food stalls, and rental of equipment for diving and other water activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, and more. In addition, there are stairs that facilitate access to the water, as well as paths through which to access the other lagoon if diving is not your favorite activity.

Without a doubt, it not only offers refreshing baths, fun jumping from the rocks (if you like adrenaline, try the free fall on a zip line from 10 meters high), and inspiring views, but also an intimate connection with nature and culture.

As you can see, it is a tourist site worth visiting, with challenging activities, and many places to take Instagrammable photos. In addition, the lagoon is just a few minutes from two beaches: Playa Diamante and Arroyo Salado. It will become one of your favorite places on the planet!

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4.Visit and enjoy multiple extreme activities in the Cabo Francés Viejo Natural Monument

Another of the best things to do in the province of María Trinidad Sánchez, is to explore and get to know the Cabo Francés Viejo National Park and enjoy its splendid landscapes. It was declared a Natural Monument in 2009, and is one of the most important protected areas in the country. Being close to the Cabrera-Río San Juan highway, the park occupies an area of 5 km².

Like the beaches of this town, its waters stand out for an intense blue color. In addition, it is the perfect place to carry out activities full of adrenaline and intense emotions, such as rock climbing, since here we find a coastal plateau open to beaches, reefs and cliffs, among its natural beauties.

During your tour you will be able to reach the three lighthouses from whose top you will be able to enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean, and go down to Bretona Beach for more fun. It should be noted that the most interesting thing about the lighthouses is that each of them comes from a different era, the oldest dating from 150 years ago.

In addition, as a lover of nature, fauna and flora, in this natural monument you will find a great variety of endemic species, in an area of 1.5 km² of authentic natural beauty.

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5.Enjoy Playa Diamante, one of the quietest and most relaxing

Also located on the north coast of the Dominican Republic, Playa Diamante is the most recommended natural beach for vacationing with the whole family, especially since the waves are not strong, the water is not so salty, and it has a charming little river that runs between the rocks and mountains connected to the beach.

In addition to its characteristics so ideal for spending a relaxing day, it is a beach surrounded by abundant and lush vegetation and an inlet, with palm trees and magnificent coconut trees. Not without reason it is one of the most beautiful and exuberant in the country.

Its turquoise waters are so clear, warm and shallow that you can even walk in it without any problems, reaching out to sea, where the water will reach your waist. That is why it is a perfect place to share with the whole family, while the children play and enjoy with all the safety they need.

In addition, its dense vegetation provides refreshing shades to relax while enjoying a cold drink. On the other hand, here you can also practice exciting activities in the water, such as canoeing or kayaking, creating your own route along the entire beach.

Good food is also part of the package, so you will find all kinds of services and restaurants to delight your palate with the best dishes with a Dominican flavor. Or even have a steaming and delicious coffee in one of its cafes and shops.

6.Relax in the refreshing Blue Lagoon

The entrance to the Laguna Azul is located in the middle of the road on the road between Nagua and Cabrera. It is a small lake that is located in a tiny cave carved by nature. In fact, as you get closer, you will notice how Mother Nature has taken care to create such a welcoming and peaceful natural environment.

Also, if you look towards the edge of the cave, you will see a magnificent image: the trees extend their roots to the ground, in the middle of a lagoon of clear water, but with a light blue hue. It should be noted that this Lagoon is very close to Playa Diamante.

Another important fact that we must highlight is that the cave is private property, so it is necessary to pay a small fee to access it. But it is really worth taking a dip in its waters, which have been described by travelers as revitalizing and full of peace. In addition, the temperature is super pleasant, reaching 23°C.

The atmosphere is quite calm and envelops with its peace. Ideal to spend time with friends. So, in exchange for a small cost, you can connect with nature, and enjoy the water that flows naturally from the spring.

You will also see your face reflected due to how crystalline its waters are! And some fish that are part of the reef. Simply magical!

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Final words

As you can see, the province of María Trinidad Sánchez is more than a town that honors one of its greatest national heroines.

It is also a place full of exciting activities and mind-blowing experiences, thanks to its beautiful beaches with velvety sand and turquoise waters. Do not hesitate to go to the northern coast of the Dominican Republic and explore this charming corner of the island.

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